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SHAC: Where Championships Are Built

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The new weight room will allow more student-athletes to get their pump on during workouts.

All About Efficiency 


It’s all about the design. That was Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Jim Kramer’s number one concern when NDSU Athletics allowed him to design the weight room of his dreams. The weight room is a part of the west addition of the SHAC. It’s on the first floor and tucked far enough away in the building where it doesn’t distract the administrative offices like it did in the BSA. The turf and lifting areas are divided by a wall that allows for plenty of room for multiple sports programs to exercise at once. It also helps efficiency, so student-athletes aren’t waiting around for a lift or space to stretch. The turf area extends 60 yards and is made from a sponge-like material that is softer than the surface at the Fargodome. NDSU purchased 26 weight racks a couple years ago from Power Lift. They are the only pieces of old weight equipment in the new space. The dumbbells and other machines are brand new. The SHAC provided the area for Kramer’s dream weight room, but as he would say, it’s time to get back to work.


Weight Racks
This is just a few of the 26 weight racks inside the SHAC.

“Basically Jim (Kramer) and Jason (Miller) came up with a layout plan and we incorporated everything except the platform because now it’s a part of the floor, with a nicer look. A lot of places have the platforms that sit on top, so we just decided to have it in the ground. And it’s also something you won’t trip over. It’s designed to last a while but the good thing is if it starts to wear, you can cut them out and put new ones in.” – Todd Phelps, NDSU Deputy Director of Athletics

Turf Practice Field
The turf area allows teams to warm up before a lift without disturbing the team inside the weight room.
  • There are no platforms next to the 26 weight racks, which will provide a safer training area. They’re built in-ground and made to last long, but they can be replaced fairly easily.
  • The weight room moved from the old grocery store off 19th Ave. N. in Fargo was coordinated by Jim Kramer and his staff in late July. Power Lift also sent a team to help move the weight room for the second time in two years.
  • Besides the weight racks, every other piece of equipment in the SHAC weight room is brand new and branded toward NDSU specifically.
  • NDSU budgeted $180,000 for the weight room and training area.
  • The weight room and turf area measures a combined 13,700 square feet.
SHAC weight room weights bison championship
New dumbbells inside the weight room.
SHAC: Where Championships Are Built
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