Inside the SHAC Student Lounge

SHAC: Student-Athlete Hang Out

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The student lounge will be at the center of all that’s happening at NDSU Athletics.



The best place for student-athletes to kick their feet up and relax is the new student lounge. This area will have an atrium-like high ceiling that spans two floors. Along the zigzagging carpet is an array of seating for student-athletes to enjoy before and after workouts. The lounge is the central hub for student-athletes across most sports. On the east end of the room are seven team locker rooms, to the southwest is the weight room, to the west is the trainer’s room and up the staircase is the academic center. Traffic hasn’t been quite as high with the locker rooms still taking shape, but just under a hundred athletes can fit in the lounge at one time. TVs will hang from the wall for student-athletes to watch their favorite shows and converse in Bison Pride with other NDSU Athletic programs.

Sanford Health Athletic Complex Student Lounge
Eventually, the student lounge will have couches and TVs.
  • The student lounge will separate the locker rooms from the weight room and training area.
  • The student-athlete lounge will have several couches, love seats and televisions for Bison athletes to relax in between workouts and study halls.
  • Most of the foundation that the student lounge sits on is where the old pool was in the Bison Sports Arena. The atrium style look in the lounge gives this area a unique feel compared to everywhere else in the building.
  • With vaulted ceilings and an open staircase, the student lounge appears larger than its 2,200 square feet.
Sanford Health Athletic Complex Student Lounge
The baseball locker room entrance leading out to the student lounge.
SHAC: Student-Athlete Hang Out
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