Sanford Health Athletic Complex Control Room

SHAC: Ground Control to Major Tom

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The brand new control room will boost the Bison game day experience.

TriCaster 8000


The TriCaster 8000 sounds like something NASA would launch into space. But the only thing this piece of equipment will be launching into the stratosphere is the NDSU fan experience. The Tricaster will allow Ryan Nelson, the multimedia coordinator, to handle everything that’s being sent to the video board such as different camera feeds, graphics and video packages. The whole video board system costs over $200,000 to outfit, including the cables that run back and forth from the control room to video boards and scorers table that sit across the arena. Nelson’s goal is to make the fan experience at a Bison basketball game or wrestling match like a football game at the Fargodome. What the new control room and its technology will allow NDSU to do is focus on the video board production and fan engagement while MidCo handles the broadcast feed with their producers.

Sanford Health Athletic Complex Control Room
Ryan Nelson, the multimedia coordinator, goes over the Tricaster before opening night.
  • The NDSU Athletics multimedia department went through eight days of training to learn the new video system. Three days with the graphics program, a day with the engineers, a day with the manufacturer and three days with Daktronics.
  • The video control crew will run 10 deep. Four camera operators out in the arena and a crew in the control room making sure the video is running smoothly.
  • The scoreboard wasn’t in the original renovation plans. Matt Larsen added it to the agenda once he came in and secured a new center-hanging video board on June 2, 2016.
Sanford Health Athletic Complex Control Room
This bad boy is helping the video feed on the scoreboard and the sound around the arena.

“With our games on TV through MidCo, we have the ability to focus solely on being a fan engagement type of production. We can completely dedicate what we do to what is on the video board, to make that fan experience even better versus finding that happy medium between producing a web stream and producing a video board production.” – Ryan Nelson, NDSU Multimedia Coordinator

Sanford Health Athletic Complex Control Room
The TriCaster takes multiple people to run during game day.
SHAC: Ground Control to Major Tom
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