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SHAC: Under One Roof

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NDSU productivity is higher than ever with everyone back in the same building.

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It was a long two years for the administrative staff at NDSU Athletics while they went to work every day somewhere other than campus. In fact, they were nearly three miles away from any facility, classroom or student-athlete. All that changed on July 25 when the administrative office phase of renovation was completed. It’s been over two months and only minor details remain from the administrative staff having everything they need from an office. The administrative offices are located above the main entrance on the second floor, extending to the west. The admin offices will be on the left when entering the office wing of the Sanford Health Athletic Complex. Just around the corner is the main boardroom where administrative meetings are held with the whole staff. Further down the hallway are the admin offices. Director of Athletics Matt Larsen’s office will be on the southwest corner. His office and many others have tables for in-office meetings.

Sanford Health Athletic Complex Administrative Offices
This is a shot of the administrative lobby area. Matt Larsen's office is in the back.

“I think the biggest thing is, too, is everybody having their own space. In the BSA that wasn’t the case, you had multiple people grouped up in one workspace, to have their own workspace now and the ability to meet with student-athletes, meeting people as they come in, it’s just a better setup all the way.” – Matt Larsen, NDSU Director of Athletics

Sanford Health Athletic Complex Administrative Office
A board room inside the administrative wing of the second floor office area.
  • The administrative staff moved into their new offices July 25th.
  • Director of Athletic Matt Larsen has his own bathroom in his office.
  • If you’re looking at the SHAC entrance from the south, the administrative offices are the on second floor behind the glass. Larsen’s is the farthest on the left.
  • The administrative office wing and coaches office wing are both 8,300 square feet.
  • There’s three main conference room in the offices at the SHAC. Two on the administrative end and one where the coaches are, but, each basketball program has a mini war room on each end of the office.
  • Every Bison program except for football and volleyball will be housed in the SHAC.
  • The break room/kitchen area leads to the deck that overlooks the Nodak Mutual Basketball Performance Center.
Sanford Health Athletic Complex Administrative Office
A desk located outside the basketball coaches offices.

“This has been great. I mean, now having everyone under one roof is much more functional for coaches and for all of our staff. Instead of driving in your car to get across town to a meeting to see somebody else, now everybody is here under one roof. So that’s been nice, and really, now you have access to student-athletes and being on campus and the vibe of being on campus. We’ve been here now for just about two months and it’s a lot more efficient with a better setup and better access to people.” – Matt Larsen

Sanford Health Athletic Complex Administrative Office
A shot down the hallway of the coaches offices in the coaching wing of the second floor office area.
SHAC: Under One Roof
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