Inside the SHAC Trainers Room

SHAC: Treating the Herd

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The trainers’ room will be more expansive than ever to care for Bison athletes

In-House Treatment


The training area inside the SHAC will be conveniently located on the first floor, just west of the student lounge and north of the weight room. The training area is split into four sections. The first is the general rehab area where Kinesio balls and other therapeutic equipment are located. Just over a short wall is a set of 10 training tables where student-athletes can be examined, massaged or rehabbed. In the corner of that room are three rooms, two are used as doctor examination rooms and one X-ray room. Sanford will operate the machine for NDSU on Mondays and Wednesdays. The radiologist running the machine will come to the SHAC twice a week for the first couple of months until NDSU finds what works best. X-ray machines aren’t cheap, but the cost will help save time for injured student-athletes looking to get back on the field. The east wall is filled with five offices for the four full-time trainers and one office for the graduate assistants.

Training Tables
Just a handful of the training tables in the trainers room.

“It’s huge. We’ve always had ice baths, but we’ve never had three hydro tubs like we have, then you add the two almost exact replica doctor exam rooms like they have at Sanford, plus the full x-ray machine. It’s something that we, as sports medicine, you dream of having all this in one setting.” – Scott Woken, NDSU Associate Director of Athletics, Internal Operations

Conditioning Equipment
The equipment inside the training room.
  • NDSU will have its own X-ray machine in the training room. Sanford owns and operates it, and they will have a radiologist working the machine on Wednesdays and Mondays.
  • There are 10 treatment tables, two examination rooms and five trainer offices in the athletic training area.
  • NDSU has four full-time trainers monitoring student-athletes in the therapy pool and treatment area. They also have a handful of graduate assistants.
Training Tables
The doctor examination room inside the training room.
SHAC: Treating the Herd
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