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SHAC: Getting Around the SHAC

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The two-floor concourse will make getting around the new arena easier than ever

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The concourse will allow fans to maneuver freely inside the SHAC without being in the way of the action. The first and second level concourse wraps around from the southwest end of the arena through the east end, ending at the northeast wing of the facility. Concession stands and vendors will be littered along the inside wall on the first floor and outside wall on the second. There will be an elevator in the southeast corner for fans to use on game days. There are two main stairways on the southwest and northwest corners of the arena.

Sanford Health Athletic Complex Concourse
Find this sign on top of the northwest stairs.
  • NDSU Campus Dining purchased most of the vendor areas along the concourse in the Scheels Center.
  • There are four restrooms on the second floor along the concourse and four downstairs. The family restroom is located in the southeast corner. There is also an additional men’s and women’s restroom in the lobby.
  • There are three built-in concession stands along the first-floor concourse. There will also be vendors located on the second-floor concourse, including the NDSU Bookstore.
Sanford Health Athletic Complex Concourse
Brooke LeMar and Taylor Braun decorate the wall on the east end near the second floor concession stand.
Sanford Health Athletic Complex Concourse
Find this sign on top of the southwest stairs in the SCHEELS Center.
Sanford Health Athletic Complex Concourse
The concession stand on the east end of the SCHEELS Center on the second floor.
SHAC: Getting Around the SHAC
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