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The basketball and wrestling teams have a new stage to perform

A Slam Dunk


If there was ever a crown jewel for a crown jewel, NDSU has found it with the SCHEELS Center inside the Sanford Health Athletic Complex. Over 5,700 Bison fans can pack in during game day in the comfort of the Herd’s new home. The old wooden bleacher seating is a thing of the past, much like the Bison Sports Arena, as NDSU will roll out retractable folding seats with a comfortable cushion for fans to sit and lean back on. The concourse will wrap around three- fourths of the arena from the southwest to northwest corners. There isn’t a bad view from there, either, even if you choose to gaze down upon the court from where the old banners in the BSA used to hang. The court is a couple feet lower, but brand new for the Bison to play basketball and wrestle on. There are additional practice courts to the east side and half a court on the north and south end. The retractable bleacher seats will allow the men’s and women’s teams to practice at the same time.

SCHEELS Center seating inside the Sanford Health Athletic Complex
The new cushion seats on the east end of the SCHEELS Center.
  • The SCHEELS Center will have a capacity of 5,700.
  • Underneath the new retractable seats are two more basketball courts for the basketball teams to practice on when the Nodak Basketball Performance Center is in use.
  • The court is actually two feet lower than the original court at the Bison Sports Arena.
  • The video display on the east and west side will measure seven feet high by 18 feet wide. The end display on the north and south will be seven feet high by nine feet wide. The video displays will feature a 6-millimeter pixel pitch.
  • The first floor of the basketball arena measures nearly 70,000 square feet.
SCHEEL Center Sanford Health Athletic Complex
The new cushion seating on the north end. Looking a little dusty from the renovation going on around them.

“It is good for our brand to be associated with a first-class university. We are proud of our partnership with NDSU and SCHEELS.” – Steve Scheel, SCHEELS CEO

SCHEELS Center Sanford Health Athletic Complex
The south seats are bleachers. This is where the student section and the band will be.
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