Inside the SHAC Wrestling Wing

SHAC: Pinning Down a New Upgrade

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NDSU wrestling returns to campus and will have their own wing.

Wrestling Hideaway


Much like the Bison Sports Arena, the wrestling room is tucked away in the far northwest corner on of the Sanford Health Athletic Complex. The practice mat is joined in the room by a cardio and light lifting area. Across the hall is the wrestling team’s locker room, secluded from the rest of the locker rooms on the first floor next to the student lounge. The wrestling locker room is bigger than the facilities on the first floor and the space will have a cozy lounge where the couches and desks will sit. The wrestling practice area is about the same size as it was in the BSA and a few feet wider than it was in the temporary home off 19th Avenue. The new wrestling room will be much brighter and air circulation will improve tenfold with ceiling fans hanging from the rafters. The Wall of Champions isn’t finished yet, but the far west wall will honor past champions and All- Americans throughout Bison wrestling history.

Wrestling Conditioning Area
The wrestling mat and cardio area are next to each other inside the wrestling room.
  • The wrestling room was ready for the team to move in on October 21. Bison wrestling will host the first official event inside the SCHEELS Center on November 6.
  • With the weight room located downstairs, the wrestling team recycled some of the old equipment into their cardio space to they can condition without leaving the practice area.
Wrestling Weight Machines
The cardio equipment located in the wrestling room is the old weight room equipment from the Bison Sports Arena.
Wrestling Wing Locker Room
The locker room area in the wrestling room. This is located on the second floor, away from the other locker rooms.
SHAC: Pinning Down a New Upgrade
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