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Tall Man on Campus

By Nick Proulx

Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography


[box_light]Name: Jordan Aagberg
Year: Jr.
Height: 6’9″[/box_light]

Do you ever notice that tall guy on the Bison men’s basketball team? I’m talking about the really tall guy?

Meet the tallest player on the Bison court, Jordan Aaberg, who tops out at 6’9”. Of course, when you’re talking about basketball, that kind of height is anything but a bad thing. That being said, there are a few things that hinder Aaberg.

“I guess I’m used to it, since I grew up tall. But there are some small things I have to consider, like doorways; I have to duck my head. Or when we go on the road, the showerheads in the hotel bathrooms are usually too short. My feet hang of the bed too. It’s natural.”

And how about them shoes? His are the biggest feet on the team, a men’s size 17. At age 17, his shoe size literally matched his age.

That’s not the only unique thing about this guy: He’s what they call a redshirt junior. “What the heck, how does that work,” you ask? Aarberg played as a true freshmen unlike most people, but he got a concussion his sophomore year and had to ride the bench.

“It was two hits in two days, and that did me in pretty good. For a while I wasn’t practicing… They weren’t letting me do anything with all the concern in athletics over concussions. For a long time I was just riding bike.”

Aarberg was back up to full strength the next year and hasn’t had any problems since. Academically, he’s a senior but he’s now considered a redshirt junior after sitting out that year. You see, it does make sense!

He’s out to help the team make it to the NCAA Tournament. Keep an eye out for him on the hardwood next time you go to a game — he’s pretty hard to miss.

By The Numbers

8 feet 11 inches
Tallest man to ever live. He passed away in 1940.

84 feet
It would take a little over 10 and a half Jordan’s laying down to cover the lenght of a basketball court.

207 feet
It would take just over 26 Jordan’s to match the height of the Radisson Hotel, which is the tallest building in Fargo.

6 feet 6 inches
Average height of an NBA player.

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