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SHAC Update: The Construction Continues

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Photos by Andrew Jason

The Sanford Health Athletic Complex has changed quite a bit since we showed you the progress last month. Step inside the SHAC with us and construction manager Darren Kruse to see how far along the construction crew has come.



shac pool

While the BSA’s pool hasn’t been used for nearly a decade, the construction crew is working on clearing it of any debris before filling it in with cement. This area will house the weight room as well as a therapeutic pool and hot and cold tubs.


shac tresses

Work is being done to reinforce the tresses in the ceiling, as that is where the air handling system will be. They are retrofitting the tresses that were already there so they will be able to support the weight of the air handling system. By retrofitting parts of the building, NDSU is saving a lot of money.


shac demo

Demolition is nearing completion. The construction crew will need to rip out the concrete floors in the east end of the building, but they are waiting for all the work to be finished on the ceiling. “We’re at a hinge point,” said Kruse. “We’re getting closer to being done with the demo, then we’ll start putting in the new stuff – floors, walls.”


shac mechanical

There has been a lot of mechanical and electrical work done in the building. Electricians have been busy laying conduits to get the electrical system underway. One project they have spent a lot of time on is the third floor mechanical room. The crew has also been laying a lot of new heating ducts as well as laying lines in the ground for plumbing and electrical.


shac west

Foundations are quickly going up and the masonry work is ongoing to lay the brick walls. The goal is to have as many walls up as possible before a cold snap comes in. It is important to keep the construction crew warm. Kruse hopes to have the south and west addition closed off, but doesn’t believe they’ll get everything enclosed.


No construction project is without its delays. The SHAC is no different. The steel supplier had trouble meeting the construction quota, so work on the SHAC is behind schedule. Check back next month to find out the news about the SHAC construction that is expected to be complete in October 2016.

SHAC Update: The Construction Continues
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