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Men's Basketball

TrayVonn Wright

Interview by Steph Stanislao

Photo by J. Alan Paul


This 2010 graduate of Waterloo West High School, jumped right into the Bison Men’s Basketball dynamic as soon as he stepped foot in Fargo. Wright played in all 29 games during his freshman season and all 31 games during his sophomore season. Not only can he work wonders on the Bison defense, but he can slam dunk with the best of them. So read up on Wright and get to know this Bison ’baller.

1.) When you’re not on the court or in class, how do you spend your time?
“Hanging out with my teammates, playing video games, taking care of my son and that’s about it.”

2.) What’s it like balancing being a college student, a student-athlete and a father?
“It’s manageable. I’ve made it manageable, I guess. It’s kind of crazy at times, but you’ve got to put priorities first. I mean, I do school, basketball, but my son comes before that. I’ve got to make sure that he is taken care of, and then I worry about myself. And then I worry about my academics and then the court of course. That’s basically the game plan for the rest of the college career for me.”

3.) What is your routine before a big game?
“I just listen to the same playlist of music.”

4.) How long have you been playing basketball?
“Since, I can remember (laughs)… third grade or fourth grade.”

5.) Did making your decision to join the Bison family happen right away, or did you feel at home right away?
“The coaching staff was really good, they helped me out a lot of with stuff I need. They make sure I would get my stuff done, and it seemed like they really wanted me when they recruited me.”

6.) Who has influenced you as a player or as a person the most?
“Probably my grandpa. He was basically my father figure growing up, and we did a lot of stuff together. I spent a lot of time with my grandpa.”

7.) You’re into music, can you talk a little bit about that?
“Well I like to make my own music— produce my own beats. I also do that in my spare time. We make up songs as a team, and that’s pretty funny. We sometimes play them in the locker room. I just do that for fun. I’ve been doing that since like the sixth grade. It’s just a way to relax and have fun.

8.) Where do you get inspiration for your music?
Wherever I hear a song. I like all kinds of music, so it’s not specific music I make.

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