NDSU Bison Tanner Volson

Frisco Flashback: Tanner Volson

North Dakota State center Tanner Volson and the offensive line answered the call against a stout James Madison defensive line in the FCS Championship game.

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After ending the season with a loss for the first time since 2010, the 2017 North Dakota State football team was on a mission to reclaim its throne atop the FCS. With a dominating start in the nonconference schedule to the grind of the Missouri Valley Football Conference gauntlet to another home stretch in the playoffs, the Bison provided a trip back to Frisco, Texas, that the players, coaches and fans will never forget.


Tanner Volson tells us all about his reaction from another trip back to Frisco.

Tanner Volson

Position: Center

Year: Junior

Stats: Started all 15 games at center

NDSU Bison Tanner Volson

The Interview

Was there any pressure at all on that last play to get the shotgun snap cleanly to Easton?
“There was pressure, but it was more just we’ve done it before and just finish the game strong. I didn’t overthink it.”

Describe what the game was like in the trenches?
“They were a good team. It just felt like we were exchanging blows back and forth all game. It seemed like we weren’t going very far. It was a defensive game through and through.”

What’s the sideline like for the offense when the defense is on the field and points were hard to come by in the second half? What are you saying to each other?
“You ride the rollercoaster. You fight out the low points and you try to keep the highs as long as you can. And you try to keep the morale high and on your side. Once it turns, it’s sometimes hard to get back.”

“It took a little bit of time, being able to understand the game more and how to play. Coming from a 9-man program, you don’t learn a lot of that stuff. So it did take a little bit of time. It’s all paying off now. I’d say it’s been worth it–the hard work and the dedication you put into it.” – Tanner Volson,
Pushing The Pile With The Rams

How does it feel winning a national title in a starting role?
“They’re all important and mean a lot, but when you start, it feels a little more meaningful. It’s just a different feeling playing meaningful reps.”

How many family members did you have down there?
“I had my whole immediate family – my mom, dad and brothers. I had a few aunts and a few uncles come down, plus a lot of friends from my hometown, which is a small town. I found most of them on the field after the game. Everyone was excited and my mom was kind of crying. There was a lot of emotions and it was really cool to see them right after the game.”

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Frisco Flashback: Tanner Volson
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