Cornerback Marquise Bridges

Frisco Flashback: Marquise Bridges

North Dakota State cornerback Marquise Bridges tells us about his reaction from another trip back to Frisco, Texas, for the FCS Championship game.

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After ending the season with a loss for the first time since 2010, the 2017 North Dakota State football team was on a mission to reclaim its throne atop the FCS. With a dominating start in the nonconference schedule to the grind of the Missouri Valley Football Conference gauntlet to another home stretch in the playoffs, the Bison provided a trip back to Frisco, Texas, that the players, coaches and fans will never forget.

Marquise Bridges tells us all about his reaction from another trip back to Frisco.

Marquise Bridges

Position: Cornerback

Year: Sophomore

Stats: 21 tackles, 1.5 TFLs, 3 INT, 6 passes defended

Cornerback Marquise Bridges

The Interview

How much confidence did you carry over from the SHSU game to Frisco?
“It helped me a lot. But the best thing I had was knowing I had my teammates with me and the support of Jalen Allison and Jaylaan Wimbush. That was probably the biggest and most reassuring thing.”

On your interception at the JMU goal line, what were you reading and what did you see?
“They ran that same exact concept on me probably a couple times and actually caught one on me three plays before that. I just wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again. I saw him cutting and was like, ‘Why not undercut it?'”

“We do things in fall camp and spring ball that enables not only our 1s and 2s but our third and fourth team guys to get a ton of reps and experience. That is vital for their development. You start seeing guys like Josh and Marquise, because of those extra reps, those guys get a ton of experience just in practice. Then you become more confident. And you saw two corners out there that were unbelievably confident.” – Matt Entz on Marquise Bridges, “Code Green: Matt Entz And Defense Save Best For Last</a>”

What was your mindset like in that fourth quarter knowing JMU had a big receiving threat and they were mounting a comeback?
“Just do the same thing we’ve been doing all game. I didn’t change my mindset at all or didn’t flinch. I just went out there and did my 1/11th.”

You were a redshirt in 2015, playing scout team, but this year your impact was obvious on the field. How were the emotions different this time around compared to 2015?
“It’s completely different from being a redshirt sitting in the stands watching and winning one and being a part of it. I was a part of it before, but now I’m really a part of it playing in the game.”


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Frisco Flashback: Marquise Bridges
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