The Ross Report: Frisco’s Frequent Visitors

Bison Illustrated’s Ross Uglem chatted with folks that have been to Frisco every single time that North Dakota State has.

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Bison Illustrated’s Ross Uglem chatted with folks that have been to Frisco every single time that North Dakota State has (and even some that went in 2016)!  The trip down to Texas has become an annual retreat for those of us stuck all winter in the cold, and we wanted to know EVERYTHING.  


How confident are Bison fans about their travel plans?  Would they go anyway? What are the best things to do down in Texas?  Find out from the frequent travelers.

The Travelers

Matt H. – Fargo
Jeremy J. – West Fargo
Jordan P. – Fargo
Todd K. – Fargo
Tyler Z. – West Fargo
Trudy E. – Fargo
Kristi H. – Palm Desert, CA
Mike B. – Hickson

The Questions

Ross: “How early in the year do you usually secure game tickets?

“The NCAA presale, though we’ve had a reserved suite the last few times” – Jeremy J

“We buy ‘em in August” – Matt H

“We secure 24 tickets during the NCAA presale in August.  Depending on the size of our group, I may request tickets from Teammakers as well.” – Todd K

“I buy tickets during the presale in August” – Mike B

Ross: “OK, how about plane tickets?”

“This year it was early August.  We got $175 round trip out of Fargo!” – Jeremy J

“We get our plane tickets about 2 ½ months in advance.”  – Matt H.

“I’ve always waited until it’s official.  Once Delta adds the direct flight home on Sunday, I book.  I wish they would add a direct flight down on Thursday. We actually opted for the charter last year.” – Todd K.

“I drive down each year, even the JMU/Youngstown State year.  I haven’t had much luck flying, something always goes wrong. My wife does fly down each year, and this year she booked her flight after the win over South Dakota State.” – Mike B

Ross: “What are some of your favorite non-game activities while in Frisco?

“The pep fest is always awesome, but milling around Legacy Park, going to restaurants, running into other fans is always the best.  Especially when you drive in and see a sea of green and gold upon arrival.” Kristi H.

“The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is a must.  Dallas World Aquarium especially if you have kids. The George W. Bush Presidential Library on the campus of SMU is a very cool walk as well.” Todd K.

“Bar hopping is #1 for our group.  It’s crazy how Frisco went from only a handful of bars the first couple years to dozens of bars and restaurants now.  We taste as much Texas BBQ as we can – we try to hit up a new BBQ joint each day we’re there. Top Golf has been a great spot to spend time with a large group in the last few years.” – Tyler Z

“I normally come down for work on Tuesday/Wednesday. From then on it is having BBQ every night for dinner. Hutchins BBQ in Frisco is my favorite and has the best brisket around. Don’t forget to get a Texas Twinkie (jalapeño stuffed with brisket and cream cheese wrapped in bacon….a popper on steroids) or two! Previous years I’ve gone to the Dallas World Aquarium, a Wild vs Stars game, Perot Museum of Nature and Science and a bunch of the other tourist attractions. At the end of the day it’s a large city that has more to do than Fargo, but most importantly….it’s Texas and it has the best BBQ in the country.” – Jordan P.

Ross: “Do you feel like the experience diminishes at all as time goes on, that the event loses its luster when they go every year?”

“Not at all!” – Trudy E.

“Nope!” – Matt H.

Unfortunately I do have to admit that it has diminished since the first time. The non-game events have died down and it seems like less and less young people are going the last few years (21-30-year-olds).  It seems to be turning into more families attending with smaller kids and older, retirement-age people. There is nothing wrong with that, but the crowds that went in the early years were quite a bit more raucous than the crowds in the last couple of years.  I have several friends that are my age (32) that no longer go after going to the first 4 or 5. – Tyler Z

“Absolutely not! Everyone is different and amazing.  I never take for granted the pure joy of being able to cheer that year’s team on!” – Kristi H

“I don’t think it loses anything at all.  Every year has been different in its own way.  That’s one of the reasons I haven’t missed a year yet.” – Jeremy J

Ross: “Which was your favorite championship — doesn’t matter if it’s because of the game, because of an experience you had, player you knew on the team, whatever.” 

Illinois State because we had 16 seats in 2 rows (bought the 3-year pack when the NCAA offered those… Amazing!!) along the aisle right next to the Illinois State school allotment. The intensity of that game was amplified by the Redbirds fans next to us who were quite arrogant after they went ahead 27-23 with 1:38 to go. But in Wentz we trust and that quickly put them back in their place. “ – Todd K

“Wow, hard question.  Probably Illinois State, just because of how close that game was and the amazing way they finished and won!” – Kristi H

“The first one.  Has to be the first one.” – Matt H.

“Nothing beats the first National Title game. Sam Houston State fans were walking around with “Undefeated Season” shirts around Frisco all day Thursday and Friday. By Saturday they had disappeared very quickly. Another highlight from that year was NDSU fans overflowing the Pepfest that was @ a hotel down here. I remember bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 21 year old me wanting to get a beer…and they were SOLD OUT – and we had intentionally arrived early at the event.  That said, the NDSU vs JMU game in 2017 comes in a close second 100% due to the satisfaction of watching NDSU beat JMU and get a little revenge from 2016. Hoping to see the same this year in 2020 with a Bison beatdown of the Dukes!” – Jordan P

“My favorite championship was the first year running on the field afterward with thousands and thousands of Bison fans.  I will never forget it.” – Jeremy J

“Illinois State, because of the quality of the game and the way it ended” – Trudy E

Ross: “Will you try to keep going as long as NDSU keeps qualifying?”

Absolutely!” – Trudy E

“Yes.” – Matt H

Yes, it’s too critical of a game to skip if I can avoid it… Including skipping a friend’s wedding this weekend. Oops. I look at the championship and FBS games as must-attend events every year they happen.” – Todd K

“Absolutely, no question about it!  Horns up on the Gate to Eight! Once a Bison, always a Bison!” Mike B

“Absolutely!” – Kristi H

The Ross Report: Frisco’s Frequent Visitors
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