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Fairway To Heaven

 At the pace the women’s golf team is going, the sky is the limit for this group of Bison. Led by a couple of laid-back, wily veterans and complimented with a handful of energetic, young talent, the Bison golf team is a program to look-out for.

Photos By J. Alan Paul Photography
By Joe Kerlin


We caught-up with the women at the Sports Bubble to see first-hand, the chemistry that makes this golf team so fun to watch.


Amy and Cydney are two peas in a pod.

Amy Anderson 
Year: Senior
Hometown: Oxbow, North Dakota

We heard you got in a the way of a club while working with some young players?
“I was kneeling down to put the ball down and the kid standing there swung the club, flew back into my face during the back swing, they were going to chop at it like an ax. Apparently there was a lack in the teaching…I survived though.”

Cydney Hasselberg (bottom)
Year: Junior

Hometown: Staples, Minnesota
Any embarrassing stories about Amy?
“Freshman year, she stole a hair dryer from a hotel we were at and she was convinced it was mine. She was saying, ‘Sydney it’s yours,’ and I said, I didn’t even bring mine to college. She was worried that the hotel was going to come get her.”



Abby and Megan have made tons of improvement.

Megan Swan
Year: Junior
Hometown: Tipp City, Ohio
Closest you have come to getting a hole-in-one?
“It was the first hole I joined up with these three guys because of the slow play. The first hole I joined up with them it was a par three. I hit this shot and it rolled right over the cup, like two inches past and they were all like, ‘if that would have gone in we all would have left the course.’ I made the birdie.”

Abby Knutson (left)
Year: Junior
Hometown: Hatton, North Dakota
What is one thing you can always beat Amy in?
“We beat her in almost everything. Sand volleyball, lightening, cooking, business management, dancing; she’s the worst dancer in the world.”

Business as usual for Sarah,

Business as usual for Sarah, Cassie and Hailey.


Sarah Storandt (top)
Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Moorhead, Minnesota
Have you given the freshman a hard time this season?
“I didn’t talk to them while we were playing because I’m shy and they took it the wrong way. I kind of liked it though. I like to instill fear into people, (laughs) just a little bit.”

Cassie Wurm (bottom left)
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Hudson, Wisconsin
So I hear Sarah likes to give you freshman a hard time?
“She didn’t really talk to us. Well, she did, but it was really short and a little bit intimidating so Hailey and I had a little issue with it. But we got over it and we’re friends now, I guess it must have been a freshman thing.”

Hailey Boner (bottom right)
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Stillwater, Minnesota
Most embarrassing moment on the golf course?
“In high school, I bent down to get a putt on the third hole and I split my pants. Right up the crack, you could see my butt cheeks…It took my coach 13 holes to get new pants and to cover up what had happened. But it was a great round because I didn’t lose it. I just laughed about it and moved on and shot a 75 so that was probably my best round.”

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