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5-Iron Men

Keeping it loose is what keeps this group of golfers together. With a new coach and an influx of new talent, the Bison men’s golf team is still gelling as a team out on the links. We caught up with a few of the guys to make sure they weren’t having too much fun building team chemistry.

Photos By J. Alan Paul Photography
By Joe Kerlin
Trent trading in his putter for a hockey stick.

Trent trading in his putter for a hockey stick.



Trent Olson
Horace, North Dakota
What is your most memorable moment being apart of the golf team?
“My favorite tournament was at the Naval Academy. It was really fun because Nathan (Anderson) won it, Bill got second and then I took third; it was a lot of fun.”




Bill showing off his hand-eye

Just another day for Bill and Connor.

Connor Holland 
West Fargo, North Dakota
Craziest story you have ever heard involving a golf cart?
“I had a buddy who dropped a cart down off a cliff in Arizona. He completely totaled it, saw the picture and everything. I don’t think they were happy.” 

Bill Carlson (right)
Year: Sophomore
Fargo, North Dakota
What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on the golf course?
“I got hit with a golf ball one time on the last hole. It was from the tee box in-front of me and he hit it and decided not to say ‘fore!’ and smoked me right in the shoulder. I was probably like 16 at a time, it was in a tournament. I was pretty upset, I know that much.” 


Get. In. The. Hole!

Get. In. The. Hole!

Nate Varty 
Year: Senior
Hometown: Elk River, Minnesota
Best round of golf ever? 
“I shot a 29, but only nine holes were open that day so I couldn’t keep going. That was probably my best nine holes ever. It was the first day the course opened, it wasn’t that nice, it was cold, the greens were still bumpy and all wet.”

Kyle Jandro (left)
Year: Junior
Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota
Golf carts can be pretty dangerous. What’s your wildest story involving a golf cart?
“Once I was standing in the middle of the fairway and my buddy was driving up and he was going to play a joke, like come really close, so he yells when he’s right behind me and I jumped to the same way, he swerved so he clipped me right on the side. Did a little half flip, got up and it was fine. Didn’t hurt too bad, it was pretty funny.”

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