BI For Kids: Michelle Gaislerova And Hard Work

Junior sharpshooter Michelle Gaislerova understands the importance of hard work.

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Photo By Hillary Ehlen

Every sport takes a great deal of hard work to become successful. Have you ever heard the old saying “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”? That is a mantra that is used across the whole of North Dakota State athletics in one way or another. Not only do Bison student-athletes have a great deal of talent, but they work hard to become better each day too.


Women’s basketball’s Michelle Gaislerova is a prime example of a student-athlete with natural talent. However, she is never satisfied with herself on and off the floor as she continually looks to improve. In just her third year at NDSU, Gaislerova has become an every day starter for new head coach Jory Collins.

Her ability to knock down shots at an efficient mark makes her a real weapon for NDSU.

Last season, Gaislerova led the team in points per game while having some impressive shooting percentages. Not only that, she has thrived in the classroom as well, earning numerous academic awards and achieving a perfect 4.0 GPA last year.

None of this is possible without Gaislerova’s work ethic. She credits that drive and thirst to improve as a key factor in her success at NDSU. It is with this hard work that she will continue to improve herself on and off the floor.

Definition: Hard Work – A great deal of effort or endurance.


Which qualities would you say are key to being successful at North Dakota State?

Hard work, dedication, determination, heart, love, character, mindset, discipline.

Why did you choose those qualities in particular?

It is necessary to work hard in anything you want to do and achieve success in. If you truly want to succeed, you have to love what you do; that is why I chose heart and love. Being determined and dedicated will also bring you further. You have to have the right mindset to compete, and your heart has to be in the right place.

Out of those qualities, which do YOU embody the most and why?

Hard work. I believe that hard work is responsible for a big part of a person’s outcome. Hard work is linked to confidence, character, and mindset. I value hard work because I believe it is necessary to work hard to achieve success. Whether it is school, athletics, community service, or any other activity, it is necessary to put the work in to achieve dreams, reach goals, and become the best version of ourselves.

How do you embody these qualities in the field of competition?

Working hard in basketball is something I focus on every day. I come prepared to practice and ready to give my all. Some days are easier than others, but I focus on getting a little bit better every day. Basketball is more than practice; I also focus on working hard in the weight room or while watching film. I am dedicated to my teammates and coaches. I value what they have to say, and I do my best to listen.

How do you embody these qualities away from the field of competition?

As a student-athlete, I often have a busy schedule. Sometime, it is challenging to stay on top of my academic and athletic requirements, and that is where hard work, determination, and dedication come in play. It is important to be disciplined and have priorities. Sometimes I have to sacrifice my free time to complete academic tasks, but the outcome is worth it. I love seeing improvements in the classroom.

What is the best piece of advice you have received in your time on campus?

You got this opportunity to be a Bison – make the most out of it. Being a Bison is a privilege.

In a few sentences, what would be your advice to young kids who strive to one day become Bison student-athletes?

Dream big and do not be afraid to work hard for it. Like my head coach said, “Nobody ever regretted trying their best.” Strive to be the best version of yourself. It takes a lot to be a Bison, but the experience is 100% worth it.

BI For Kids: Michelle Gaislerova And Hard Work
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