BI For Kids: Andrew Fogarty And Grit

Senior wrestler Andrew Fogarty embodies grit on and off the mat.

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Wrestling is one of the most challenging sports. In order to be successful on the mat, you must have strong physical, mental and emotional talent. Wrestlers are the ultimate warriors of sport and are often the most physically imposing student-athletes on NDSU’s campus. The hard work they put in at their practices pays off in the form of victories, pins and championships.


There is a multitude of Bison wrestlers who have several wins, pins and titles to their credit. Yet, senior Andrew Fogarty is one of the team’s leaders this season. He is one of only five seniors for head coach Roger Kish and his staff. Fogarty has been holding down the 165 pound spot since he arrived on campus in 2015. In his first three years, he won a total of 75 matches. Those victories include 20 pins and a whopping 15 major decisions.

So far in his senior season, Fogarty has been incredible. He did not lose his first match of the season until early December and looks to be one of the top wrestlers in the Big 12 Conference. Fogarty was a conference runner-up each of the last two seasons, but he is looking to take the Big 12’s top honor at 165 pounds this season.

How does he plan to do that? With something he likes to call grit and good, old-fashioned hard work. In a sport like wrestling, those traits are vital for success and it is no different for Andrew Fogarty.

Definition: Grit – courage and resolve; strength of character.


Which qualities would you say are key to being successful at North Dakota State?

Grit, hard work ethic, integrity, overcoming adversity and a positive attitude.

Why did you choose those qualities in particular?

To compete at the level we are at you need to have these qualities simply because everyone else in the country has them. You are going to compete against the best athletes in the country and being able to control these qualities is something everyone can do. If you bring all these qualities to practice every day, it will grow on your teammates as well.

Out of those traits, which do YOU embody the most and why?

Grit. I believe I embody grit the most. Wrestling is a tough sport in which you will need to have a tough, gritty mindset to not only be able to compete at this level but to come in every day ready to get better and give every practice your best.

How do you embody these qualities in the field of competition?

I have trust in my coaches and in my training when I compete and will try to always stay calm whatever the score. Overcoming adversity is a big part during competition as things are not always going to go your way. Overcoming those things is a mark of a true champion, which I strive to be.

How do you embody these qualities away from the field of competition?

I try to embody these qualities in everything I do whether it’s working, school or just as a person.

What is the best piece of advice you have received in your time on campus?

Decide to outwork everyone.

In a few sentences, what would be your advice to young kids who strive to one day become Bison student-athletes?

No matter what the situation is or how things are going always look to improve yourself and hold yourself to a high standard. Do not overthink the failures, but learn from them. Losses are secret to success.

BI For Kids: Andrew Fogarty And Grit
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