The Wolfpack

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From left to right: Bryan Shepherd, AJ Van Voorhis (howling), Marcus Williams, Christian Dudzik, Brendin Pierre, Colten Heagle



The Bison defensive backfield is always hungry. To survive, they prey off opposing wide receivers, running backs and quarterback that dare to test their skill. Individually, they are capable of providing for themselves, but when they are formed as a pack, the opposition doesn’t stand a chance. We sat down with all-american cornerback Marcus Williams and lightening quick safety Chistian Dudzik to get a perspective of life inside the Wolfpack…


Bison Illustrated: What the heck is the wolf pack?

Christian Dudzik: “The wolf pack identity is a group of guys that have to be the most athletic guys on the team and run to the ball and go get what they want.”


BI: Why did the defensive backs start calling themselves the wolf pack?

Marcus Williams: “We do everything together. We move together, we eat together, we laugh together and we do everything as one. We’re trying to bring that tradition here with the DBs and it’s worked well for us so far.”


BI:How has Marcus made your job easier as a free safety?

Christian Dudzik: “Marcus makes my job easier because I don’t have to worry about him and help him too much, he helps me by seeing some of the offensive formations.”


BI: How has Christian made you job easier as a corner back?

Marcus Williams: “Christian makes my job a lot easier. We stay in the same apartment complex so if I ever have any questions or if he wants to know anything, we’ll just go to each other and ask. You know you have a bond with a player when during the game you see things and he notices too. I know I can probably jump a certain route because I know Christian will be behind me to help out over the top. And it’s vice versa.”


BI: What has made you one of the most feared group of DBs in the country?

Christian Dudzik: “We have a lot of speed and mostly pride in our preparation. I don’t think anyone prepares like we do week in and week out and we just take a lot of pride in what we are trying to accomplish.”


BI: We have noticed some defensive linemen meowing. What’s that all about?

Marcus Williams: “They’re called the alley cats and they do a little purr thing (laughs). If you ever want to go to war with anyone, it’s the alley cats for sure. It’s fun, just for kicks and giggles, but we know we all have the same goal no matter what position you play on this team and that’s to win.”

The Wolfpack
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