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Taking A Stand With Grant Olson

Grant Olson is one of the most recognizable Bison athletes in the entire program. Besides being the leader of a stout defense, Olson has made himself very active in the community by hanging out with Jordan Peterson and “Taking A Stand” on campus.

 “The older you get and the longer you have been here the more you appreciate what the community does and the people and a lot of the things they do for us. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t get much media publicity, but they do a lot for the program and they do a lot of nice things for us that we’re very appreciative of. You feel a sense of that you want to give back, you want to repay people for all their kindness they have given you. Even if it’s not the same people, you’re repaying somebody. So there’s definitely that sense on the team. I think we’re very blessed to be here and I think a lot of the guys are thankful and understanding of that.”

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