Nick Goeser Defensive Line Coach

Frisco Memories: Nick Goeser and Buddha Williams

Defensive line coach Nick Goeser and defensive ends coach Buddha Williams had their players creating havoc against James Madison.

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The grind never ends for college football coaches. Coming off a 2016 season when North Dakota State’s run of national titles ended, the Bison coaches went right to work on the 2017 edition of NDSU football. The work was rewarded after fighting through a season of adversity and reclaiming the FCS throne. We sat down with each position coach and asked what this season meant to them.

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Nick Goeser, Defensive Line Coach

NDSU’s defensive line is unlike most in the FCS in the fact that it can rotate several players without losing a beat. With a dominant player like Nate Tanguay returning from injury and getting stronger as the year progressed, guys like Aaron Steidl, Blake Williams, Grant Morgan and Cole Karcz provided an abnormal amount of depth. They helped NDSU end the season ranked No. 6 in the FCS with 89.5 rushing yards allowed per game.

Nick Goeser Defensive Line Coach

What kind of difference did Nate Tanguay make against JMU?
“People see the difference he makes as far as a player on the football field. He’s been a great player for us. But people don’t see what kind of leader, competitor and teammate he is. That’s what makes him special. Having him out there, I think our defense plays with a lot more confidence. They play hard and hold each other accountable. He makes us play that much better.”

You guys got pressure on JMU quarterback Bryan Schor rushing just four, sometimes three down linemen. How key was that as part of your defensive gameplan?
“That was big. They had some skilled receivers and running backs and Schor was obviously a really good athlete. Anytime we could get pressure with four guys, that allows us to play some coverage and be able to stop those skilled players. It was important for us to get that pressure.”

What does this national title mean to you?
“It was a really rewarding year. After a season last year of not getting there and not being in Frisco and seeing it on TV, it made it that much more exciting being back there. Our kids were excited about being there. It felt like home. Our kids played hard and it was just great getting back down there and playing in that national championship game.”

Buddha Williams, Defensive Ends Coach

First-year coach Buddha Williams faced a huge challenge right from the start of fall camp when all-American defensive end Greg Menard suffered an ACL injury. He was tasked with getting a young, but deep and talented group to play at a high level. By the time Frisco hit, they were doing just that. Most notably was sophomore Derrek Tuszka who had six solo tackles, two tackles for loss and two sacks against James Madison.

Buddha Williams Defensive ends coach

From the start of the season to Frisco, where did you see your group improve the most?
“The game just slowed down for those guys and they became more consistent. They all became every down players.”

What did you feed Derrek Tuszka before the game?
“I think he just played with confidence. He had a chip on his shoulders just like all the guys did. But I think he just played his game, relaxed and played hard.”

Buddha Williams Defensive ends coach

What does this national title mean to you?
“It means a lot. That was an unbelieve experience, an unbelievable ride. But the crazy thing is, now we have to start back up and do it again.”


Frisco Memories: Nick Goeser and Buddha Williams
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