Bruce Anderson

Frisco Flashback: Bruce Anderson

North Dakota State running back Bruce Anderson discusses his play in the postseason and seeing former teammates in Frisco, Texas.

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After ending the season with a loss for the first time since 2010, the 2017 North Dakota State football team was on a mission to reclaim its throne atop the FCS. With a dominating start in the nonconference schedule to the grind of the Missouri Valley Football Conference gauntlet to another home stretch in the playoffs, the Bison provided a trip back to Frisco, Texas, that the players, coaches and fans will never forget.


North Dakota State running back Bruce Anderson tells us all about his reaction from another trip back to Frisco.

Position: Running Back

Year: Junior

Stats: 234 rushes, 1,216 yards, 12 TDs, 8 catches, 156 yards, 3 TDs

What sparked your increase in production in the playoffs?
“(In the) playoffs, you get a lot more focused on the game and on the details. It’s win or go home, so I felt like I just had to elevate my play.”

How great was it having Lance Dunn back with you in the backfield?
“It was great. Injuries are one of worst things about the game. Last year, I had to deal with that, so I understood what he was going through. It was great to have him back and overcome that injury.”

Bruce Anderson

What did it mean to you to see guys like John Crockett in Frisco and celebrating with the trophy as they took videos and photos of you?
“It was great seeing my boy King (Frazier) and John. It was a great feeling to see the past running backs come out and support the current running backs.”

“It helped me be more appreciative of the game. As a young guy, you’re looking at all the games you have to play. But the reality is you only have the one game ahead of you. It goes game by game. It helped open my eyes and I became more appreciative of the game.” – Bruce Anderson, “Bruce Anderson’s Time To Shine

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Frisco Flashback: Bruce Anderson
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