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Casey Orgon

Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography
By Andrew Jason

Casey Orgon definitely doesn’t have butter fingers, he tends to have a really, really good arm for throwing and he is kind of a big deal. How good is really, really good? Well, last month he led the Bison to two team victories in the double-dual by topping the competition in weight throw with a mark of 63-06.00 (19.35m). This ranked first in the league, fourth in the nation and set a new school record. See, we told you he’s a big deal.


BI: So you throw the hammer and shot put. Do you have a preference to one and how much do they weigh?
CO: “I prefer the hammer. Hammer is the fun one. That weighs 16 pounds, the same as a shot put. The difference is that instead of 50 to 60 feet, it goes 200 feet. To put it in perspective, it (hammer throw) is the same as throwing from midfield on a football field and throwing it through the uprights.”

BI: What got you into throwing in the first place?
CO: “I started throwing in high school and middle school, it was just shot and disc and it was a fun spring sport. There were fun people on the team too. My freshman year I walked on, kind of because I was just bored. (Laughs) I never threw hammer before. It was a rough beginning. It’s developed really well though.”

BI: You were named Athlete of the Week earlier this year. How did it feel to win that?
CO: “It’s good. I hope we can do it again later in the season. Anytime you get an award like that, it’s a good little honor.”

BI: You’re majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in coatings and polymeric materials. What the heck does that mean?
CO: “Basically, the minor is just paint and plastic. A big part of that is corrosion prevention. Painting ships, planes and cars and keeping them from rusting.”

BI: You’re a senior, what’s the plan for next year?
CO: “I’ll graduate this spring and stick around for Grad school. I’m going to get a Masters in coatings and polymers at NDSU. That might give me an option to continue to compete once I’m done.”

BI: You’ve had some health problems. Talk about that.
CO: “My senior year of high school, I ended up breaking my leg playing football. It was a setback then. Back then I always thought that I’d play football in college. After doing that it kind of opened my eyes to track and its worked out pretty well.”

BI: What’s the one thing we don’t know about you that we should?
CO: “I like to fish a lot. To go along with the injury, I have nine screws and a four inch plate in my ankle.”

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