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Women's Basketball

Women’s Basketball: Who are they?

Story by Steph Stanislao
Photo by J. Alan Paul

You’ve seen them running up and down the floor. You’ve seen them putting up big shots and blocking those of the opposing team. But, how well do you really know NDSU’s Women’s Basketball Team? You may know their names or what positions they play, but what do you actually know about the Bison of the women’s basketball team? This is a fun-loving team, with a bond that is unbreakable. We joined the team at practice to get to know these players one-on-one.


4 Dani DeGagne G 5’10″ Sr.

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 

“We’re all pretty funny, in our own way.”

5 Katie Birkel G 5’8″ RSr.

Lincoln, Neb.

“I can play the piano…I actually play one song—Cannon in D (laughs).”

12 Holly Johnson F 6’0″ Fr.

Minot, N.D.

“We’re pretty funny, and we all get along really well.”

14 Brittany Wiebe G 5’9″ Fr.

Brandon, Manitoba

“The biggest jokester on the team is Alisa, because she’s a big goofball and she’s fun to mess around with. She’s just a really playful person on the team and I really look up to her.”

20 Kahla Becken G 5’9″ So.

Lino Lakes, Minn.

“People wouldn’t know that we have rhythm and that we can make some pretty cool beats.”

21 Liz Keena F 6’0″ So.

Hastings, Minn.

“Green or gold? Definitely gold, because it goes best with my see-through complexion, because I’m a ginger (laughs). It works for me!”

22 Hannah Linz G 5’11″ Sr.

Watkins, Minn.

“If I had to play against somebody from the team who I didn’t know, I would definitely be afraid of Karen (Alisa).”

24 Jamie Van Kirk G 5’9″ So.

Sutton, Neb.

“I missed a final, because I thought it was on a different day. It’s only funny because I got to make it up, otherwise it wouldn’t be funny (laughs).”

30 Brooke LeMar G 5’6″ Jr.

Canyon Country, Calif. 

“I would match up against Lawrence Alexander in a game of one-on-one, because he’s a point guard and I could take him!”

31 Alisa Brown F 5’11″ So.

Sioux Falls, S.D. 

“The team calls me Karen, pretty much everyone from North Dakota calls me Karen. I got the nickname my freshman year. At the dorms one of my friends on the soccer team told me I look like a Karen not like an Alisa. It caught on from there.”

32 Marena Whittle F 5’11″ Fr.

Vermont So.,Victoria Australia 

“The biggest thing I noticed about North Dakota when I moved here was…the temperature (laughs), and you guys on the other side of the road, and everyone is really nice here…super nice!”

34 Ali Browning F 5’11″ RSo.

Iowa City, Iowa

“If I could match up with anybody on the means basketball team for a game of one-on-one, I would match up with Marshall Bjorklund, because he’s tall and he’s a bigger kid. It’d be a challenge to play against him.”

40 Miki Stephenson C 6’2″ Jr.

Moorhead, Minn.

“If the team had a theme song it would be ‘Click.’”

42 Britney Gaines G 5’8″ Sr.

Mesquite, Texas

“Outside of basketball, I really enjoy to draw. I like to draw people.”

44 Catavia Jones C 6’1″ Sr.

St. Paul, Minn.

“The funniest thing that ever happened during a practice, was when coach fell on her butt. She got overly excited.”

45 Janae Burich C 6’5″ Sr.

Roseville, Minn. 

“If I could play another sport at NDSU I would be a thrower on the track team, because they seem like a really fun group. I was a thrower in high school, and I thought it was really fun sport.”

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