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Staying True to the Green and Gold

Steve Walker talking about Coach Craig Bohl 2013

Former Quarterback, STEVE WALKER, breaks down the NDSU coaching situation with some words of wisdom from someone who has been there before.

NDSU and Bison Nation are in search for a new football coach to lead the Thundering Herd. Everyone knew that this day would come. We did not know if it would come with a Rolex and a retirement party for Coach Craig Bohl as he retired a Bison, or if he would get lured away by a new challenge. But one thing to remember is this: “Once a Bison, ALWAYS a Bison!”

Coach Bohl has taken our Bison to levels NO ONE thought would be possible—the list of his accomplishments go on and on. Thank you Coach Bohl for all you have done for NDSU, Fargo, me and every player that you have coached in the Green and Gold.


The biggest question is how are the current players going to react and how are the recruits going to react to this news?

The answer is simple, who the heck knows? One thing is for certain, this Bison team is full with veteran leaders in the locker room that will not allow for any type of let down as they try to make history.

Steve Walker Article on Craig Bohl Leaving NDSU

Steve Walker

As for the recruits, I had a similar situation when I had committed to NDSU. In February 2003, I had just signed a letter of intent to come from Lockport, Ill. to Fargo, N.D. to play for Coach Bob Babich and the Bison. When the news broke that Coach Babich was moving on to the NFL, I was confused for about 10 seconds and then realized that I chose Fargo and NDSU, not just the coach. As it has been said in the media multiple times over the last 48 hours, coaches come and go. That is not to say that my parents, family and friends were worried what was going to happen with the change, but I knew that NDSU and the Bison family is where I wanted to go.

I don’t know what the new recruits for this 2013 Bison class are thinking because I’m no psychologist, but I have to think most of them are in a similar mindset as I was. As these players will realize, a new leader will be in place soon, and the person chosen to lead the Bison will be great at this task.

I have been shocked at some of the comments I have heard through Bison “fans” that are questioning Coach Bohl’s decision and timing of decision. Everyone needs to calm down, relax and understand that we have a special person that is going to make everything be okay very soon—that person is Gene Taylor.

Taylor chose Coach Bohl 11 years ago, and I am sure there was some Bison faithful questioning that decision.  Guess what? It worked out pretty well. Taylor will be choosing the new leader of the Thundering Herd and my money is on him to pick another GREAT coach to lead our beloved Bison.

The strength of the Bison is the Herd, and the strength of the Herd is the Bison. We are not one person away from continuing the run of dominance, we are a family and families stick together through the good times and the difficult ones. As Bison fans, we can choose to look at this as a negative distraction, or we can come together and see this as an opportunity to show our Bison Pride!



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