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The Great Ticket Exchange

Can’t make it to the Fargodome on game day? Check out the NDSU ticket exchange, brought to you by Team Makers, and exchange your tickets.

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Can’t make it to the Fargodome on game day? Check out the NDSU ticket exchange, brought to you by Team Makers.


Just like in any major professional sport, you can exchange your Bison football tickets if you cannot make it to the game. Also, you can exchange a reserved tailgating pass and give it to another worthy North Dakota State fan on a day where you may be absent.

Here is how the ticket/tailgate exchange works.

Head over to and you’ll find the tickets and tailgating exchange under the GAME DAY tab.

Before we give you the details on how to use the exchange, Team Makers does have you abide by some simple rules if you are a buyer or a seller.


Deal locally with people you can meet in person. Perhaps the most important rule, this will prevent you from being scammed as a buyer or seller. According to Team Makers, you can avoid 99 percent of scams by buying local. Don’t get hung out to dry on game day, buy local.


Team Makers advises that you purchase tickets or tailgate passes only after you have seen the item first. Ask the seller to send a photo of the tickets before you pull the trigger. If you cannot see it, there could be a chance it does not exist in the first place.


As with any online purchase, be smart with your personal and private information. All Bison fans are trustworthy, we know that. However, if someone requests your bank account number or credit card number, that should be a red flag. For the sake of your personal information, do not release that to anyone. Chances are that the person asking for your information is a Jackrabbits fan anyway.


After you understand the rules of the exchange, you can begin to use it. Click on either the “Football Game Tickets Exchange” tab or the “Reserved Tailgating Pass Exchange” tab, whichever you are looking to sell or buy.

As you click on either option, you will see listed all the home football games in 2018. If you are a buyer, you can choose your desired game and leave a message for a possible seller. In most cases, your message should include the number of tickets/passes you would like and your phone number, so the seller can contact you directly. You do not need to be logged in to do this.

If you are a seller, you follow a similar process. Click on the game you are selling your tickets/passes for and leave a message. A seller’s message should include: the number of tickets/passes available, price per ticket/pass and a contact number, so the buyer can reach out to you.

In essence, the exchange is a forum for Bison fans to come to if they are in need of or needing to unload tickets. Everyone at the exchange is looking for a mutual benefit and that is to cheer on the Bison, no matter who is in the seats or in the Fargodome parking lot. Please be fair, honest and polite to your fellow exchangers. We are all Bison after all.

For more information visit

While NDSU Athletics encourage participation, this is not an officially sponsored service of NDSU, and have no responsibility or liability for the services provided.

Grab Lunch With NDSU Team Makers

As is the case in the summer with their various golf outings, Team Makers wants you to stay up-to-date with NDSU Athletics. To do this in the fall and winter, they host luncheons and socials. These gatherings take place all around Fargo and feature updates from Bison coaches, student-athletes and administration. You can also learn more about Team Makers and NDSU Athletic Fund in the process. These events are open to the public and are not limited to Team Maker members. Join Team Makers for lunch at the dates and locations below:

Friday, September 28
11:30 a.m. Lunch
Holiday Inn
803 13th Ave S, Fargo

Thursday, October 4
5:00 p.m. Social
Herd & Horns
1414 12th Avenue N, Fargo

Friday, October 26
11:30 a.m. Lunch
Delta by Marriott
1635 42nd St SW, Fargo

Thursday, November 8
5:00 p.m. Social
Blarney Stone
1910 9th St E, West Fargo

Friday, November 16
11:30 a.m. Lunch
Delta by Marriott
1635 42nd St SW, Fargo

The Great Ticket Exchange
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