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Team Makers: The Drive For Five

Increased membership takes center stage for Team Makers.

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A key goal for Team Makers moving forward is bringing in more members. Currently, the group sits at 4,200 members nationwide. Now, Team Makers wants to up that membership to 5,000. Team Makers is calling on every community member, alumni or Bison fan across the country to make an investment towards academic and athletic excellence. This membership will only aid the group in their Drive For Five campaign.


NDSU athletics must generate 70 percent of an increasing budget each year. Currently, the athletics department budget is $25 million. Much of the funds needed are raised internally through Team Makers, endowments, corporate sponsors/advertising and ticket sales. The Team Makers have continually enhanced the student-athlete experience at NDSU by playing a huge role in fundraising.

However, Team Makers does far more than fundraising for student-athlete scholarships nowadays. They now support funding for anything necessary to improving a student-athlete’s experience at NDSU. This includes full cost of attendance, travel expenses and equipment.

All of these facets continue to become more and more expensive as the years go by. That is why Team Makers is launching their Drive For Five campaign. The strategy behind it is fairly simple. More members mean more dollars that go towards those various expenses. To be a member, you do not have to be an alumnus nor do you have to be living in North Dakota. Being a Bison fan and having the willingness to invest in excellence are the only criteria necessary.

You can join Team Makers for as little as $100 annually which will help accelerate their Drive For Five campaign. On top of the several benefits you’ll receive, Team Makers are given the option of purchasing NDSU football single-game tickets each season.

There is no time to wait, join Team Makers today and help them in their Drive For Five campaign.

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Team Makers has 84 new members from 14 different states

New member states noted in yellow.

A Reminder About Recycling At Tailgating

Team Makers is pleased to continue their recycling program over the course of this football season. Last year, Team Makers raised $1,000 from their recycling program which directly impacted student-athlete scholarships. A reminder that Team Makers will be providing BLUE recycling bags before and during tailgating for your ALUMINUM products for recycling. You can also find additional bags at the Bison Corrall or the NDSU Bookstore tent. Bags will be collected by Fargodome staff following tailgating.

Please, only recycle your ALUMINUM cans. This means, do not put food waste, plastic utensils, paper products, Solo cups or plastic bottles in the blue bags provided by Team Makers. Only ALUMINUM cans can be put into those bags.

Your help in this matter will only help Team Makers in their goal of providing scholarships to North Dakota State student-athletes.

Team Makers Golf Outings Wrap-Up

This summer, Team Makers went all over North Dakota and Minnesota to put on their popular golf outings for members and prospective members. In all, Team Makers organized and put on seven golf outings in Detroit Lakes, Hawley, Devils Lake, Wahpeton and Fargo. As was the case in past years, they turned out to be a wild success.

Following the final golf outing of the year on September 23, Team Makers reported bringing in a $70,000 net income from the events. All of those donations will go towards sustaining success in the North Dakota State athletic department. This will be done primarily through scholarships for student-athletes.

Team Makers: The Drive For Five
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