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Team Makers Benefit Shake-Up

There are several changes in the Team Makers benefit chart for 2018. The most notable change is the allotment of single-game tickets members can request.

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(From left to right) Team Makers’ Past President Terry Ludlum and President Kris Bakkegard present a $4.2 million check to North Dakota State Director of Athletics Matt Larsen and Senior Associate Director of Athletics Pat Simmers on behalf of the Team Makers organization.


2018 Team Maker Benefit Chart



The most notable change in the Team Makers benefit chart is the allotment of single-game tickets members can request. Firstly, you must be a +$100 Team Maker to request single-game tickets.

“We found that over 750 of our 4,200 members were donating under $100 a year,” said Team Makers Assistant Brandon Baumgartner. “Our levels always stated that the lowest giving level to receive those benefits was our Booster Club $100 to $249 so we are just making the member be in the level to be able to receive those benefits.”

The changes continue by giving more single-game ticket-buying opportunities to the donors who give more but are still without season tickets.

“Last year, for the first time in three years, we had tickets left over from our single game ticket inventory. The remaining (tickets) were sold on August 1, to the public,” Baumgartner said. “We are hoping that by increasing the amount of tickets, they can request based on their giving level.”

Team Makers giving between $100-250 will be allocated up-to six single-game tickets, $500-1,000 donors get eight, $1,500-2,500 have 10 and Bison Club members ($5,000) and up, can get 12.

The hope is that NDSU can use its full inventory for donors who support NDSU Athletics.

The OLD Benefits



Team Makers flag given to Silver Club ($1,500) and above members

Captain ($500) level members can request reserved parking in lots D and R.

Removed Director’s Club ($5,000-5,500) and moved them up to Bison Club.

Added to new levels with All-American ($15,000) and Full Scholarship ($21,400) with additional gifts of a Bison statue and invitations to Hall of Fame banquet, Green and Gold Gala (full-scholarship level).


Interested in donating to NDSU Athletics or becoming a Team Maker? Check out for more information and how you can help NDSU continue its Division I success.

Team Makers Benefit Shake-Up
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