Slaubaugh’s Scoop: Get To Know The Bison

Get to know your 2019-20 Bison men on a deeper level before the season tips.

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The Summit League favorite Bison are here, and they’re here to stay. So, get to know them a little! Who is the best dressed? Best singer? Best at NBA 2K? Find out below.


You’re on the team bus. You’re tired and you want to sleep. But a teammate won’t stop talking. Who would that likely be?

Winner: Tyson Ward
Others receiving votes: Rocky Kreuser, Odell Wilson IV, Vinnie Shahid

Notable quotes
Cameron Hunter: “Tyson, easily. The dude talks the most on the team. That’s a no-brainer.”
Maleeck Harden-Hayes: “Odell for sure. All he does is talk. He doesn’t know when to shut up.”

Who is most likely to flip the table over because he’s getting beat badly at a card game?

Winner: Tyson Ward
Others receiving votes: Odell Wilson IV, Rocky Kreuser, Cameron Hunter, Vinnie Shahid

Notable quotes
Tyson Ward: “I don’t like to lose. Losing is for losers.”
Cam Hunter: “Rocky Kreuser. When Rocky gets upset, especially in a competitive situation, you don’t want to be around him.”

You need a partner in a 2-on2 basketball game. Who do you pick?

Winner: Rocky Kreuser
Others receiving votes: Tyree Eady, Cameron Hunter, Jared Samuelson, Vinnie Shahid

Notable quotes
Cam Hunter: “Jared Samuelson. He’s tough, gritty, lockdown. He can get a bucket. It’s what you need.”
Tyson Ward: “Cam Hunter, my roommate. I know my guy got me. He’s got me with nice feeds.”

If you had to switch wardrobes with one of your teammates, who would it be?

Winner: Vinnie Shahid
Others receiving votes: Sam Griesel, Chris Quayle, Jaxon Knotek

Notable quotes
Chris Quayle: “Vinnie Shahid. He has all the vans. If you know us, you know we love our vans.”
Sam Griesel: “If the size of the clothes wasn’t a thing, Vinnie.”

You hear a teammate has been chosen to sing the national anthem that day. Who would it be?

Winner: Odell Wilson IV
Others receiving votes: Nada!

Notable quotes
Rocky Kreuser: “Odell. He’s the singer on the team. I don’t know if he’s as good as he thinks he is, but he sings a lot.”
Cam Hunter: “Odell. He’s got the vocals of an angel. He’s performed in front of us. He just lets it go and sings like Mariah Carey. Whatever is in his head that day, he’ll let it out.”

In a fight, which teammate do you want to have your back?

Winner: Cameron Hunter
Others receiving votes: Tyler Witz, Jared Samuelson, Tyree Eady, Rocky Kreuser, Tyson Ward, “Everyone”

Notable quotes
Jarius Cook: “Cam Hunter. He’s aggressive. He’s a dog.”
Jared Samuelson: “Everyone, but if it came down to it, definitely Rocky.”

Who would you least like to play in a game of NBA 2K?

Winner: Tie – Vinnie Shahid and Tyson Ward
Others receiving votes: “Myself”

Notable quotes
Tyree Eady: “I’m the best player here so I’m not really worried about that. I would bust Maleeck.”
Cam Hunter: “No one, because no one can beat me. If I had to pick someone, I’d go Vinnie or Tyree. Usually, we go over to Vinnie’s house and get it down.”

Coaches are late for practice. Who is most likely to just go home?

Winner: Cameron Hunter
Others receiving votes: Tyson Ward, Odell Wilson IV

Notable quotes
Maleeck Harden-Hayes: “Cam Hunter. Just seems like that type of guy.”
Cam Hunter: “Tyson or Bigs. I feel like if the coaches didn’t show up, they wouldn’t have the patience to just say, ‘Alright I’m out of here.’”

Who is most likely to give the shirt off his back?

Winner: Jared Samuelson
Others receiving votes: Cameron Hunter, Jaxon Knotek, Everyone

Notable quotes
Tyree Eady: “Jared Samuelson. He’s the best captain, really thoughtful and most selfless on the team. Everyone loves that kid.”
Cam Hunter: “Jaxon Knotek. He’s the most genuine guy and most caring for others.

Who is the best cook?

Winner: “Myself”
Others receiving votes: Tyree Eady, Jarius Cook

Notable quotes
Cam Hunter: “Tyree. He cooks mean chicken, you have to try his food. He’s like Gordon Ramsay out there. Every time he goes to the dining center, he cooks his own food.”
Tyson Ward: “Me. I be whipping it up. Scrambled eggs, pasta, chicken alfredo, the easy stuff.”

There you have it. I always love unveiling the person behind the jersey. This allowed me to do that to a tee.

I’m Dan Slaubaugh and this is your Slaubaugh Scoop.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful November. Go Bison.

Slaubaugh’s Scoop: Get To Know The Bison
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