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Season Preview With Offensive Coordinator Tyer Roehl

Did you Know?
In 2021, the Bison offense finished 2nd in the nation in rushing offense (280.6 ypg), 19th in total offense (431.5 ypg) and 14th in scoring offense (34.1 ppg)

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Did you Know?
In 2021, the Bison offense finished 2nd in the nation in rushing offense (280.6 ypg), 19th in total offense (431.5 ypg) and 14th in scoring offense (34.1 ppg)

Tyer Roehl Resume

Concordia College – Running Backs
North Dakota State – Offensive Assistant
Moorhead High School – Defensive Coordinator/Running Backs
North Dakota State – Tight Ends and Fullbacks
North Dakota State – Offensive Coordinator/Tight Ends and Fullbacks



Who are some players you see stepping forward this year?

Kobe Johnson and Dominic Gonnella are playing as good of football I’ve seen them play in their careers. Jalen Bussey is doing an unbelievable job. But the player that’s really coming into their own is TK Marshall he’s consistent, he’s reliable and he’s doing exactly what we’re asking him to do.

Receiver-wise, Tyler Terhark and Giancarlo Volpentesta have done a really nice job—no only in the passing game, but also in the run game. DJ Hart had a couple of big plays last year and we’ll continue to find ways to utilize him within the offense. From an offensive line standpoint, Grey Zabel and Mason Miller are doing a really nice job and Brandon Westberg, who started games for us last year, has only continued to progress.

Tight End-wise, besides Hunter [Luepke] and Noah [Gindorff], Hunter Brozio is doing a lot for us and so is Logan Hofstedt. Finn Diggins, Jacob Streit and Carson Williams are all tight ends that are continuing to try to provide value for the offense.

Quarterback-wise, Cole Payton is pushing but Cam Miller is doing an unbelievable job running the offense.

I’m excited for a lot of these young guys to continue to work their tails off and find out what they can do to try to provide value to the offense.

One thing I thought that was interesting when I was doing my interview with Coach Randy Hedberg was that he said it almost makes it easier for you to call plays once you get to a point where you can trust quarterback to make a proper decision. How has Cam’s maturity and experience allowed you to do that?

He’s a football junkie. He’s a guy who leans heavily on his preparation for the game. Hope is not our strategy, meaning he’s not going to leave up to hope. He doesn’t hope he knows what his read is on a given concept and he doesn’t hope that he can identify a coverage. He’s extremely diligent in preparing the way he needs to prepare to help on offense. Everything from the neck up, he’s done an unbelievable job in just processing what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Then there’s his god-given ability and physical tools. He’s great from a quarterback run game standpoint and he throws the ball really well. He’s accurate. He’s on time. He’s in rhythm. He’s decisive. I think those things are extremely important.

A lot has been made about the departures of Christian Watson and Josh Babicz. How does them leaving change things for the offense?

Not a lot. I’m really excited for that. We always have a next-man-up mentality and we have a bunch of young kids working their tails off to put themselves in their shoes. Whether it’s the tight ends getting all of those reps in spring ball with Josh gone and being able to watch Josh on film from the last number of years to be able to attempt to emulate and improve on what Josh has done. Same thing from the Christian Watson standpoint. We want to figure out how to put people in Christian’s position. If we can find ways to do thins the same or better than these guys, that’ll be amazing because they’re both really really good football players.

Is there anything that we haven’t touched on that you would like to say to our readers?

This team is working extremely hard to represent the university, the community, the state and the alumni and make them all extremely proud. We appreciate as much support as we can get as we go through this challenging season.

Season Preview With Offensive Coordinator Tyer Roehl
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