The Returners: James Hendricks

We talk with junior free safety James Hendricks about his Frisco experience and why he is excited for 2019 with a new defensive coordinator.

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Photo By Hillary Ehlen

#6 James Hendricks



Free Safety
209 pounds
Hometown Bemidji, Minn.
Major: Management

49 total tackles
1 fumble recovery
5 interceptions


Five interceptions for you this season, including one in the title game. Do you think coming in as a quarterback has made your transition to safety more seamless?

No matter where you play, you have a better knowledge of the game of football. My first two years with Carson, Cole and Easton, just learning the game of football and learning our offense, which is really complex and then going against our defense all the time, all that helped in my transition to safety to keep succeeding at that position.

Your favorite Frisco moment this time around was…

This trip was a little different because the older you get, the more relationships you have with the seniors. I was just trying to take it all in. There’s a lot of seniors on that team that were some of my best friends and will be for life. Knowing that would be the last time allowed us to enjoy it a little more. Obviously, when you’re staying at the Omni and see the Dallas Cowboys walking around, it’s pretty cool, too.

You lose some good seniors in the defensive back room, how do you take on a leadership role in 2019?

That’ll be huge for me; it’ll be a big step in my career as a leader. The same goes for Marquise. I think we know that we got to be the leaders in that room, but we’re also leading a bunch of guys who are hungry and really talented with a bright upside.

Everyone loves Coach Klanderman, so I’m sure it was tough to see him go. However, what gets you excited about Coach Braun

Right away, I was a little hesitant and not really too excited about it because Coach Klanderman meant so much to us. Now that I’m getting to it, I’m really excited to be involved a little bit more with what’s going on. I think I’ll have to be with coach still learning the system, too. I’m just looking forward to that process.

The Returners: James Hendricks
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