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Real Talk With Gene Taylor

The ride NDSU athletics has been on the past few years has been unprecedented. We got the chance to catch up with Athletic Director Gene Taylor and here is what transpired.



What’s the reaction been like from the national media after the football team beat K-State?

“The reaction to the K-State win has been amazing. The national attention we received during the entire first weekend of college football is something you cannot put a price on. The other side of the reaction was our colleagues across the country whether it be coaches or athletic administrators that reached out to congratulate Coach Bohl which is a great compliment as they really know not only how big the victory was, but more impressive was the way in which those players rose to the challenge. Being down 14 points and come back and win with one of the most impressive drives in program history.”


Coach Bohl has an amazing 7-3 record against FBS opponents. What do you think has been the key to his success?

“Coach Bohl’s success is based on several issues. Certainly his ability to lead and inspire his assistants and his players to get them prepared for these big games is exceptional. He is very consistent with his approach whether we are playing a Colorado State or a Kansas State in terms of practice and preparation. He has the unique ability to know when to push and when to pull back at critical times leading up to those games. He and his staff plan and execute very efficient and productive practices not only for the FBS opponents but all opponents evidenced by a 28-2 and back-to-back National Championships the last two years. Finally, he is just an excellent football coach that has a tremendous talent for identifying and recruiting outstanding football players, many of which could be successful at the very FBS teams he has had success against.”


Recently, NDSU athletics as a whole has been extremely successful. How can you keep the momentum going forward?

“We have excellent coaches and staff throughout our entire department. One of my biggest joys and source of comfort is I have the pleasure of coming to work every day with a very talented, dedicated and extremely hard working group of coaches, administrators and staff.  I know, with the upmost of confidence, our staff’s goal is to figure out how we continue to move our program forward and keep the momentum we have. There is never any doubt in my mind they come to work every day with the goal of putting the program in position of winning championships and promoting all of the programs at the highest level.”


How about the amount of support from Bison Nation?

“We have the best, most supportive and passionate fan base in the country. We would not have enjoyed the success we have had the last few years without their enthusiasm and support. One of the keys to continuing to keep the momentum and moving the program forward is keeping our fans engaged and passionate.”

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