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Q&A with Kendra Kelley, Sprints, Sophomore

Meet Kendra Kelley

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You had your son, Brayden, in early 2022. How is he doing?

Awesome. He’s fabulous. He is my greatest blessing. He makes me so much better. That’s why I came back.


That had to be such a life-shifting event. How has it changed your perspective on things?

I knew that whatever decision I made, in terms of coming back, which I wasn’t sure about, he was most important. When I was pregnant, I was all over the place. I had no idea what to expect. But I knew wherever I was, I was going to be the best mother. And when I’m here, I’m the best version of myself and it helps me become a better mother. So, coming back almost seems so easy to me.


Yes! The people here are phenomenal. It’s a family, my coaches, my family, my friends have all been super supportive. I knew it was going be an uphill climb. But I’m very pleased with where I am athletically right now and just individually as a mother.

Do you feel like you are back to where you were athletically?

Honestly, better. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but everything I do is for my son. I’ve just had a different edge this year. I feel like I’m fighting not only for women who have children, but I want to show that women can still be their highest versions of themselves and still pursue what they would like to pursue, especially in athletics. I feel like when you hear of these top-tier athletes getting pregnant, it sounds like a death sentence. I wanted to be part of that movement to show that you can still pursue everything you wanted to be before you had a child.

There obviously has to be a love of track there as well to draw you back.

There’s so much to love about this sport. It’s an individual sport, in a sense, but there’s such a team dynamic to it. I love being able to go out here and compete and go to war for my teammates. I think we have a lot of people to prove wrong this year after losing conference twice in a row. I think there’s just a different competitive edge to practice and we’re just ready to go.

What drew you to NDSU?

On my recruiting trips, I had gone to all power five schools and then NDSU. And I was blown away by the culture here. When I stepped foot on campus, I was completely greeted with open arms and shown right away what bison culture is. I had come from a smaller area and I wanted to be part of a program that wins titles and not only cares about what you do on the track, but what you do outside of the track.

What are some of your passions off the track?

I love to spend time with friends. I am a big reader too. I enjoy reading. School takes up a lot of my time, but ultimately just spending time with my son and watching him grow up.

What are you expecting you emotions to be like during that first return to competition?

I think about it all the time. But a year ago, around this time, I got put at high risk for my pregnancy. I developed pre-eclampsia and I was experiencing organ failure unknowingly. It was really scary. I had no idea what the outcome was going to be for my baby, let alone myself.

Honestly, from that point on, I knew that no matter what I was going to come back and do everything I can in my life to be the absolute best version of myself. And I’m really excited because I’m going to have a little baby with me now in the stands watching me. It’s going to be a blessing just to look up in the stands and see my son. He’s been there for me with everything. My pregnancy was rough, but I think it all works out in the end when you’re a good person and you stick to your core values.




  • 6th in the 400m (Summit League Championships)
  • 1st in the 4x400m (Summit League Championships



  • 2nd in the 200m (Summit League Championships)
  • 6th in the 60m (Summit League Championships)
  • Ran the 3rd fastest 200m in school history (24.23)
  • Ran the 9th fastest 60m in school history (7.69)


  • 2nd in the 200m (Summit League Championships) (6th
  • fastest in school history 23.59)
  • 6th in the 100m (Summit League Championships)
  • 2nd in the 4x400m relay (Summit League Championships)
  • Ran the 5th fastest 100m in school history (11.81)
Q&A with Kendra Kelley, Sprints, Sophomore
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