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Q&A with Josh Samyn, Mid-Distance, Senior

Meet Josh Samyn

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I’m sure you had a lot of opportunities to go somewhere else for school, what made you choose NDSU?

Just the interest and love they showed me right out of the gate. I sent them a recruitment form freshman year. The old distance coach, Andrew Carlson, reached out to me right away. He had me come down on a visit and showed me what NDSU had to offer—its facilities and its culture. They really did a good job convincing me to come down.


What has been your favorite part of being here?

The people. The stereotype that North Dakota people are friendly really is true. Everyone’s really nice.

What are your goals heading into the season?

Obviously to PR. You always want to improve every year. You also want to win conference. That’s another big goal for us, both indoor and outdoor. You know, last year, we didn’t quite meet our goal of winning indoor conference. That’s something we definitely want to come back and do.

As you’ve gotten older, are you finding yourself taking on more of a leadership role within the team?

I’d say so. Every time freshmen come in, they’re coming into a new training system. They’re taking on more training volume. I always try to give them tips here and there on how to adapt to the training well. We want them not to overexert their body. We want to keep them injury free.

Were there people that helped you with that when you came in?

Yeah, quite a bit. We have a really cohesive team unit I would say for sure.

As someone who can’t fathom it, what does it feel like after you run a 4:06 mile?

I felt really good. I was surprised. I didn’t think I would run that fast. Sometimes you have races where you just feel absolutely terrible and your legs are hurting. And then sometimes, you go into a state of, I guess, euphoria. When it’s like that, everything is moving the way it should be moving and you just run the time that you want to run. That day was a good day.

What are some of your passions off the track?

As it’s getting colder, the outdoor rinks are freezing over. I played hockey growing up. I don’t mean to stereotype myself as Canadian, but I played from like the age of five all the way up to 17. So, hopefully, I’ll get out there with my friends and family.




  • 2nd in the distance medley relay (Summit League Championships) (7th fastest in school history 10:08.00) 2019-2020 Indoor:
  • 2nd in the 800m (Summit League Championships)



  • 7th in the 800m (Summit League Championships) Outdoor:
  • 1st in the 1500m (Summit League Championships)
  • Ran the 3rd fastest 1500m in school history



  • 2nd in the distance medley relay (Summit League Championships)
  • Ran the 6th fastest mile time in school history (4:06.82)


  • 1st in the 1500m (Summit League Championships)(3rd-fastest in school history 3:47.37)
Q&A with Josh Samyn, Mid-Distance, Senior
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