Podcast: To Play Or Not To Play

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The question looms overhead like the Sword of Damocles, will we see any North Dakota State football games — or any college football games — in 2020? Swany and Nolan are back, and more mediocre than ever, talking about the state of affairs and the lack of any good options on the table for a viable college football season this fall. There are no easy decisions facing college presidents, administrators, coaches, and players across the county as the college sports world grapples with if, how, and when the games go on. Are we seeing a sea change, and watershed moment, where players take control of the multi-billion dollar a year sport? When we emerge from the Covid-19 aftermath, what does the college athletics landscape look like? We don’t shy away from a debate on the big issues, this week, or any week, on the Bison Illustrated Podcast!


Bison Illustrated Podcast · Ep. 127: Will there be college football of any kind in 2020

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Podcast: To Play Or Not To Play
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