Podcast: The Battle For The Seventh Standard Parallel

Swany and Nolan discuss the odd MVFC title race and talk Dakota Marker.

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To paraphrase the great Vince Lombardi, what the hell is going on here? Welcome to the Missouri Valley, where everyone can crown themselves champs! UND and Missouri State are showering themselves with make believe titles after falling by a combined 59-13 to North Dakota State, while not playing in the league’s closing week. For their part, UND hasn’t won a game since March 13, but coasts into the playoffs with a 4-1 mark. Don’t blame the schools, blame the Valley and NCAA for not planning for this. Does any of that matter, though? The real MVFC title will be played in Fargo this weekend between the Bison and Jacks in another epic bout for the Dakota Marker. Swany and Nolan talk about how SDSU’s month long layoff impacts the game, and whether NDSU playing last week gives them an advantage. Swany goes all Paul Harvey, sharing some unknown — and hilarious — stories about the Dakota Marker, its inception, and some crazy early Dakota Marker games in Brookings. Prepare to be entertained, this week, where true champions (sorry Mo. State) come to talk!


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Podcast: The Battle For The Seventh Standard Parallel
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