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Brock Jensen scores touchdown vs kansas state

The past three seasons of Bison football will go down in history as three of the best. We sat down with eight players who were major contributors to helping build the dynasty the Bison football team is today.

Have you been able to sit back and enjoy everything that is going on around you?

“Not really yet. It’s really overwhelming right now but eventually one day I’ll have the time to take a step back and look back at everything.”


Well, take a moment now and think about what you accomplished here. How special is it?

“Thinking about it now, it’s pretty incredible what we did. I’m grateful to have awesome teammates and coaches and to be a part of this university.”

Anything you want to say about the great fan base Bison Nation has?

“They are the best fans in the nation and without them it would be tough to accomplish what we have done over these past few years.”

So why did you choose to go with the particular agency that you did to pursue your NFL dreams?

“They give me the best chance to play where I want to. I will be training six days a week. I have a position coach and I stay at a house with seven other guys that have chosen 7 Sports Group and it’s a nice little beach house ten minutes away from where we will be training.”

What will your workout consist of?

“We will be working out in the morning, lifting weights and things like that, then working with our position coach after. Time to grind. It doesn’t end.”


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