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Party of Two, Reservation for Six

Since John Crockett joined Sam Ojuri in the backfield, the two have been a terrorizing one-two punch for defenses. Having a timeshare in the end zone is a tough thing for two great running backs on the same team, so we sat down with both players to see how fierce the competition is between the two stars.



BI: What drives you to be the best one-two punch in the nation?

John Crockett: The competiton between each other. The biggest thing about it is that I’m the biggest cheerleader in his corner, but I’m also one of his biggest critics and vice versa. He’s the one that knows exactly what we’re looking for, how we’re supposed to execute and what it looks like when it’s not getting done. He’ll get right on my tail about what I need to be doing.


Sam Ojuri: We get to throw different looks at defenses. We’re like the same, but we’re still different. It can throw defenses off whack. Two fresh legs is better than a pair of one.


BI: Throughout your time here, you’ve been a part of some great running back tandems. What’s it like working with Crockett?

SO: It’s fun because he’s a different guy. With John, you’re always going to get a couple laughs no matter the situation. When he came in, he pushed me to be better. We push each other to be better every day. It’s definitely a great experience.


BI: Explain the leadership role that the running backs have found themselves in.

SO: Being the running backs, it’s one of the toughest positions. You always have to keep your head up because we have always have to keep the offense going. We always have to set the example. Whether it’s me or whether it’s John, Derrick, Chase or Darius, the running back in this offense always has to set an example. The rest of the offense follows with.


BI: In what ways are you two still getting better?

JC: We’re learning how to be meticulous, and when I say that, I mean we are learning the finer points of what it takes to be a great running back. Not just being able to run the ball or not just being able to catch it every now and then its about learning why plays are how they are and were are my blocks going to be.


BI: What do you have to say about ‘The Rams’ and the O-line that’s blocking for you?

SO: Being on an offensive line isn’t easy. Those guys thrive on beating down other defenses and opening holes. I just can’t ask for more. Those guys put it all on the field. It’s not only ‘The Rams’ but it’s the tight ends, full backs and receivers are out there blocking. Everyone is out there doing their jobs. That makes it that much easier.


BI: We have to ask, who’s rushing for more yards this year?

SO: Definitely me. (Laughs)


BI: John, Sam is winning by a slim margin right now.

JC: I’m gonna get him.

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