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NDSU Men’s Basketball Yearbook

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Bison Illustrated’s 2014-15 Yearbook! Wednesday, we’ll be releasing our highlights from the men’s track and field and men’s and women’s basketball teams.

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“Yeah, we lost ten games and you don’t want to lose any games. But for this group, with the expectations or the lack of expectations, where they were publicly for us to end up 23-10 and in the NCAA Tournament, still a 25-game home-winning streak going on. I hate losing. I hate losing, but I can’t tell you enough about the feedback we got after losing the Gonzaga game. And that’s pretty cool because I think people realize how hard our guys are playing and that’s such a credit to them and putting it all out there on the line.”


In a year that saw Lawrence Alexander breakthrough into stardom with a historic amount of points and three-pointers, his final game in Fargo will be remembered most. Alexander made five three-pointers and poured in 27 points before being honored after the game on Senior Night. It was only fitting that the man that carried the team the entire season that would eventually culminate into a conference championship be celebrated alone on a night as sacred as Senior Night.  

Impact Performer

Coming into his senior season, Lawrence Alexander averaged 11.5 points per game and shot 34.8 percent from the three-point line over his first three seasons. During his Summit League Player of the Year campaign, his scoring average jumped to 18.9 points per game and shot 44 percent from the three-point line.   

The Future is Now

After a much-anticipated redshirt season on the bench, AJ Jacobson lived up to the expectations swelling around the Fargo Shanley product during his first season on the court for the Bison. He started slow, but caught fire during the Summit League tournament and finished the season averaging 11.6 points per game, which made him the second-leading scorer on the team.

Lawrence Alexander

(Photo courtesy of Joseph Ravits) Lawrence Alexander had a thrill for the dramatic this season and never failed to get Bison out of their seats in the basketball team’s temporary home inside Scheels Arena.

Chew on This

It wasn’t a surprise the Bison were picked to finish fifth in the Summit League after losing its head coach, three starters and four of its top six scorers from last season’s NCAA Tournament team. But that wasn’t going to stop the Bison from starting the Summit League season 3-0. The Bison would eventually finish tied for first with SDSU in the Summit League regular season standings.

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