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Moves on the mat

Blood, sweat and tears, and no I’m not talking about deadline here at Illustrated, but rather one of the most mentally tough sports out there…wrestling. Even with the quick pace of this sport, the NDSU Wrestling Team makes winning look easy. However, it’s fair to say that most of us would have trouble attempting even the most simple of wrestling maneuvers. Senior Bison wrestlers Mac Stoll and Kallen Kleinschmidt took a moment to give some quick tips on how to perfect the double-leg takedown.

Step 1: You need to start in your stance and then take a penetration step. You then need to lower your level and drive into their hips. Finally, your follow leg should come up.


Step 2: Get your hips in, and your outside or driving leg should come up.

Step 3: Your hands should be clasped behind the knees of your opponent and drive up.

Step 4: The maneuver should then end with a six to twelve finish.

Stay in your stance.
Shoot with your elbows in.
Stay aggressive.
Keep your hips in.
Stay on the offensive.
Drive forward.

These tips brought to you by NDSU wrestlers Mac Stoll and Kallen Kleinschmidt.

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