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Megan Lambertson

Megan Lambertson’s smile is contagious, but don’t be confused by her perfect grin; Lambertson is a competitor. Last year she averaged 2.83 kills per set with over 300 kills throughout the season. She also competed in the U.S. Volleyball Women’s A2 Program, where she was able to train and play with some of the best volleyball players in the US. Bison Illustrated caught up with Lambertson to find out what keeps her going.

BI: You’re a senior, what’s your plan for next year?


Lambertson: I’m really looking into playing overseas for a while. That’s a priority for me. Hopefully I’ll come back from that and go to grad school.

BI: What do you like to do with your free time?

Lambertson: In the summer it seems like all we (teammates) do is go to the pool. (Laughs) We go to movies, go out to dinner.

BI: So the volleyball team gets along together?

Lambertson: We’re all good friends. We always hang out together… We all get along really well.

BI: What was it like participating in the U.S. Volleyball Women’s A2 program?

Lambertson: …I think 230 tried out for the team. They then selected 48 girls. We went to Columbus, Ohio and I was there for 10 days. We had two a days for the first four or five days… We were then split up into four teams of 12 and basically had a tournament among ourselves. I was playing with some of the best girls in the nation.

BI: How do you feel about the upcoming season?

Lambertson: If preseason could start right now I would love it. (Laughs) Seriously though, I’m super pumped. I think we’re going to be really good. We lost five players and three of them were pretty big players for us, but I think we have five coming in, and I think with some work we can be where we were at before.

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