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Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams is a huge part of the success that the NDSU Football Program saw last season. Within the past year, Williams’ name has graced countless All American teams and has been placed on several watch lists. From his sophomore season, until the end of last season, Williams has played in all 29 games of his college career and has started in all but two. Last season Williams scored three defensive touchdowns, which helped lead to victories against both Western Illinois and Minnesota. You’ve seen him do his thing on the field, but to get to know this talented football player better Bison Illustrated sat down with Williams one-on-one.

BI: So, your sister plays basketball for UND, how do the two of you handle the rivalry?


WILLIAMS: Well, we handle it pretty well. There’s no big rivalry at the house. You know, she’s still my little sister. We still look at each other like brother and sister, there’s really no rivalry. We realize we go to two different schools, and that there is a rivalry. But, we try to keep it friendly.

BI: If you could play any college football team in the country, who would you choose to play, and why?

WILLIAMS: I’ve played Minnesota already, and that’s the team I always wanted to play against when I was younger. Minnesota, though, because I’ve always love going home, and playing against those guys.

BI: What advice would you give a kid, who is looking to make it into the world of college sports?

WILLIAMS: Keep working hard, and keep following your dreams. It’s tough, you’re going to have tough times, but if you stick it out, keep working hard and don’t let anything get you down, you’re going to make it.

BI: How do you spend your time during the off-season?

WILLIAMS: I spend my time working out a lot…lifting weights, running sprints, and just kind of staying in shape for the season.

BI: What is your go-to food, before a football game?

WILLIAMS: They serve us a lot of pasta, so any kind of pasta…alfredo, spaghetti—anything like that.

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