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Bison Media Guide: KVRR

The FM area would be far less informed about NDSU athletics without the people who cover the Bison on radio, TV or print, like KVRR.

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All of us purvey the furthest regions for the latest information about NDSU athletics. Some of us go to social media, others turn on the television or the radio and some may even open up the newspaper. Regardless of your medium, we all see the same familiar faces when searching out the latest Bison news. So, we thought it would be nice to bring attention to the hard work these recognizable figures bring to our community. Without them, how would we stay up to date with our favorite school? The fact of the matter is that the Fargo-Moorhead area would be far less informed about NDSU athletics without these people. That is why we pieced together the Bison Media Guide.



Keith Albertson

Sports Director for KVRR-TV


How has North Dakota State athletics become so successful, in your opinion?
“NDSU has set a standard for excellence, raising expectations for what they expect out of every student-athlete on and off the field/court.”

What does covering the Bison mean to you?
“I love being able to cover athletes that are not only relevant across the region, but across the country in national tournaments.”

Years Covering NDSU

Fun Fact
“I can juggle, and I have an economics degree. (Both are equally useful)”

Bison Media Guide: KVRR
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