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Holly Christian

Holly Christian is the epitome of a student-athlete. As a pre-pharmacy major, and a member of the NDSU Soccer Team, Christian works hard on and off the field. Chrisitan started in all 21 games last season, and was recognized for her scoring streak, when she scored four-goals in the span of three games. She also helped lead the team to victory with her two goals, during the Nebraska Omaha game. Bison Illustrated met up with Christian, to learn more about her and how she spends her time, when not scoring goals for the Bison.

BI: What interested you about the Pharmacy field?


CHRISTIAN: Myself and a teammate are actually starting our first year of pharmacy school this fall. I was in high school, when we had a pharmacy student come into our class, and kind of explain what it was all about it. I just sat there, and was like ‘I don’t care what this person has to say. I’m just trying to get by in high school.’ But, once they started talking, I was like, ‘Hey, this is something I could do.’ I looked more into it, and I ended up at NDSU, for the opportunity to play soccer, and they had a pharmacy school. I was instantly drawn to NDSU.

BI: When not on the field, or in the classroom, what do you do in your spare time?

CHRISTIAN: A lot of times, I spend my free time with friends—with the soccer team. We’re a really close team, so we end up staying together a lot outside of the season. Any other time, I like to read. I’m a big reader, and then I’m a huge music fiend. So, if I can get on a computer and search through any type of music program, I will!

BI: As a senior this year, what is your favorite memory, from your time at NDSU?

CHRISTIAN: My friends and I made the trip to Frisco this past winter. We spent more time in the van, than we did in Texas itself, because we had to be back for the first day of spring training for soccer. We spent, I don’t even know how many hours, in that van and we were only in Frisco for half the time. It was so worth it—going down there and the school pride, it was awesome!

BI: If you could match up with any D-1 soccer team in the country, which team would you choose to play, and why?

CHRISTIAN: West Virginia has always had a really good program. When we were in Miami, two-years-ago, we got to watch them play. At first, when we were watching, we were like ‘Oh my gosh!’ We had never seen a level of soccer this good. As soon as we were able to watch them play and break it down, we noticed that they really play one style and one style only. It would be interesting to see, because we fought hard against Texas A&M, so that would be an awesome rematch. But, to play against somebody that’s the top in their league, at that level, and see how we would do, I think would be really cool.

BI: What’s your pregame routine like? Any songs that you listen to, to get in the zone?

CHRISTIAN: Everything on my left side goes on first, and then my right side. It’s this weird superstition. I listen to music, a lot of people don’t, but I listen to music all the way up until we do team stuff…so during stretching, during our initial running warm-ups I listen to music. It’s all kind of Bluegrass or calming music. I’m not someone that listens to music to get all pumped and jacked up for a game. I just kind of mellow out, take a deep breath and realize that I’m playing a game and just stay composed.

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