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Grain Designs Gives Back to the Morlock Family

Paul Morlock with Grain Designs

We’re all excited for the NDSU football team to get back out on the field this fall, but few people are probably as ready as Moorhead native Paul Morlock. Morlock’s name is probably familiar to you and for good reason–his son is Bison running back Chase Morlock. Or, you might recognize his name because of the benefit that was held last January to support him and his family as he battles colorectal cancer. The community came out to show its support then and is once again showing its support to the Morlocks, but this time they made them dinner.

Back in April at Eco Chic Design Conference, Grain Designs owners Blain Mikkonen, Grant Koenig, Phil Bruckbauer, and Pat Bresnan gave the Fargo-Moorhead community the opportunity to give away a table.


“We’ve been so fortunate to work in this community and we’re super grateful for our customers and clients and business support,” Mikkonen said. “It’s just astronomical the support that we’ve received, and we’re really grateful to have that opportunity, so what better way to bring it full circle than to give back to the community that’s given to us.”

Anyone could submit a person that they thought was deserving of a custom-built table because of either their stewardship to the community or hardship they had suffered. One of Morlock’s neighbors was at the event and submitted his name. After looking through the submissions, they decided that the Morlocks were going to be the ones to get a new dining room table.

“It’s been a nice deal, they’re people we don’t know and the gestures that they’re doing with their company, it’s overwhelming what the people will do to support each other in this community,” Paul Morlock said. “We see it every single day and night on the news–someone is having a new benefit for whatever reason and the community just jumps in. It’s just a great community to be in.”

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