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Fall Sports Preview

Coach Cook’s Take- “Anisha is a special talent, she is very technical, very skilled and has good movement with the ball. She can create things on her own so you want a player like that. A player who can lift the team and score goals in big moments and we are expecting a lot from her.”
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Coach Thompson take on the inexperience- “We’re definitely going to have to remind ourselves they’re freshman, every now and then and they’re going to do some goofy things and they’re going to be freshman. But I think the expectation level when we’re on the court they are still going to be high and I think the players will meet those expectations.”


Cross Country-
Coach Godfrey’s take- “I think all the girls are on the same page in terms of work ethic and a vision of what they want. They have experience, they won a year ago, so that helps mentally because they know what it takes to win a championship and that is always a big part of it too.”

Coach Johnson’s take- “Amy Anderson brought that work ethic, she brought the desire to get better because she demonstrated that all the time and she kind of drove everyone to better themselves to close the gap towards her and that worked. We have a team of hard workers and good attitudes and I think that’s what rubbed off from Amy to everyone else.”

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