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Brynn Joki

What could be more deadly than senior Bison Volleyball player Brynn Joki’s mad hops? The power behind each and every kill she makes! Joki has been hitting hard as an outside hitter for NDSU for the past three seasons, and is helping lead the Bison Volleyball team to another successful season. Last fall Joki led the NDSU with 397 kills and she’s continuing to show tough competitors this season exactly what she is made of.

You’re majoring in art with a minor in apparel and textiles, what do you plan to do with your degree?


I mean there’s kind of two paths that I’m looking into. One is going to grad school, either at an art institute or a fashion design school. I’ve looked into a couple of places, but don’t know if I want to do that yet. Or I might just get into the business, get a job and just work my way up. From there I hope to get into product development or something along the lines. With my art degree I think that will help a lot.

Your older sister Erin played volleyball for UND, is the rivalry big at your household?

No, not really. We don’t really talk about it. There’s been some bad matches for us. Two years ago when we beat them her senior season, we really didn’t want to talk about it, and this past two years year I really didn’t want to talk about it. But it’s not a bad competition, it’s fun to have it in the family. And now that she’s coaching it’s nice to see her and play against her team.

What’s your favorite pregame snack?

I usually have a banana before the game, but we usually have a pregame meal before the game.

What is one thing that you would never forget to do before a game?

Listen to music. We’ve got the stereo system going on in the locker room. Just kind of focus in and mentally prepare.

Do your teammates have a nickname for you, and how did that come about?

Over the years there’s been a few, the one that sticks out to me is Raisin Bran. I have no idea where it came from, but that one just really sticks out to me. A lot of the girls call me “B” just because it’s easier.

You come from a very athletic family, how did you choose volleyball as your number one sport?

I think it ties in with the whole family being active as we grew up. My sister and I were always in the gym with my mom when she was coaching. My mom coaching high school volleyball was always a big part of it. We were always there watching her coach and watching the players play. We had that role model…wanting to be like them and play like them. Just having that athletic background helped a lot.

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