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Bison Escape Rooms: The Puzzled Herd

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If you know about escape rooms, there’s no doubt you’ve experienced the thrill of unraveling a puzzle by finding each subtle clue hidden in the background noise of countless props and decorations.


Escape rooms have amassed a cult-like following as a source of entertainment that challenges participants to work together to solve the real-life puzzles within each themed room.

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Puzzled FM, a pioneer of escape rooms in Fargo, has opened its newest theme, “Bison’s Big Game.” The room captures the spirit of Bison Nation with clues disguised as fan gear and decor. A team of five experienced escape room enthusiasts named the “Yellow and Green” were the first to try their hand at outsmarting a locker room prankster who hid the quarterback’s lucky shirt.

To dial up the Bison mojo before the big game, the Yellow and Green raced against a 60-second countdown, cracking locks with keys, codes and phrases. A challenge consistent throughout Puzzled’s three themes is a literal puzzle, which provides a clue once assembled.

NDSU Bison Puzzled FM
For more information go to puzzledfm.com; 118 Broadway Suite 806, Fargo; 701-446-8548

These one-of-a-kind scenarios are thoughtfully planned out by co-founders Steven and Kay Cameron. The husband and wife duo create each set with the players in mind, finding a happy balance between difficulty and entertainment.

“I start with objects and add clues to them, he starts with clues and makes them into a puzzle,” said Kay Cameron about their clue creation process. “It’s more challenging because we use two different types of logic.”

Once the team had finally found and reassembled all five National Championship trophies in the cabinet and collected each corresponding key, they opened the doors to find the lucky shirt just in time.

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Bison Escape Rooms: The Puzzled Herd
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