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Billy Turner

Big Boy Billy Turner. The name says it all…with a 6′ 6″” stature, this offensive tackle is hard to miss. You’ve seen him make big hits for the Bison Football team since 2010. He is a vital part of the offensive line that led the Bison to success during the 2011 season. He may be rough and tough out on the gridiron, but Turner keeps it cool when he’s not blocking opponents for his QB Brock Jensen.

BI: Your dad played professional football (Vikings, Green Bay and NY Jets), how has that shaped the player that you are?


Turner: Well, first of all, just the experience that he had at every single level of football. He’s given me good direction throughout my life, and when it comes to certain issues, certain things that I come upon in football. Through the recruiting process in high school, he gave me pointers and tips on things to look for.

BI: You’re studying sports and recreation management, what do you want to do with your degree when you finish school?

Turner: I want to work for some kind of sports organization. Maybe do some kind of advertising for a sports organization, something like that.

BI: Is there any particular song that you like to listen to before games?

Turner: Not a specific song, but to be honest, I usually start my day off by listening to old school music like motown stuff. And then, right up before game time, I’ll start getting into some rock music and then rap music. I only listen to rap for about an hour before the game, but other than that I don’t listen to much. Just trying to get focused.

BI: Is there a professional athlete you model the way you play after?

Turner: There’s certain players at my position that I admire and I like, but the people I would say that I actually want to take after would be my father and my two brothers. The way that they carry themselves throughout their whole lives, and up to the point where they got to the highest levels of football, is something that makes me want to keep up the family tradition.

BI: Are there any interesting facts that fans might not know about you?

Turner: I don’t know if any of the fans really know me. They know I’m loud and I’m crazy. Me and my roommate, Colton Heagle, have the same birthday. We became good friends freshman year. Other than that I love tattoos. I’ve probably had about 20 tattoo sessions.

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