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Attention Team Makers!

The single game football ticket request process is changing slightly for 2019. Here is what you need to know.

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For Team Makers and Bison Pride members, requesting single-game football tickets is a staple each year. However, Team Makers is changing the way they do the requesting process slightly for the 2019 season. Here are a few things to note as you begin requesting single game tickets.

  • Single game tickets can ONLY be requested online this year. Find the ticket request form on
  • If you are not a current Team Maker/Bison Pride member, you must contribute a minimum of $100 by May 31, 2019 to be included in this offer.
  • The deadline for requesting single game tickets is May 31. Don’t wait, fill out your request form today.
  • At that time, Team Makers will rank all requests by priority points and meet as many as possible. You will be notified via email by July 15 whether you received tickets. No cancellations or quantity changes will be accepted after notifications are sent. All tickets must be paid for by Monday, July 29 or they will be removed from your account.

Team Makers guarantees you will receive tickets to a game IF you rank each home game. In that past, members have only requested one or two games they wished to attend (i.e. South Dakota State, Illinois State, etc.). There are only a certain number of tickets to go around, so do not limit yourself to only one or two games. Rank each Bison home game for 2019 and you will receive tickets!

How to properly rank and fill out your single game ticket form.










Note: This example is from the 2018 season not 2019. Find the updated form on

The maximum number of tickets you can request is based on your giving level. The numbers are as follows:

Booster ($100): 6 tickets

Green & Gold Captain ($250): 6 tickets

Captain ($500): 8 tickets

Bronze ($1,000): 8 tickets

Silver ($1,500): 10 tickets

Gold ($2,500): 10 tickets

Bison Club ($5,000): 10 tickets

Thundering Herd ($7,500): 10 tickets

Circle Of Champions ($10,000): 10 tickets

All American ($15,000): 10 tickets

Full Scholarship ($22,300): 10 tickets

Finally, here is the price breakdown for single-game football tickets this season.

9/7 vs North Dakota

$56 sideline

$46 end zone

9/21 vs UC Davis

$56 sideline

$46 end zone

10/12 vs Northern Iowa (Homecoming)

$56 sideline

$46 end zone

10/19 vs Missouri State

$41 sideline

$31 end zone

11/9 vs Western Illinois (Harvest Bowl)

$56 sideline

$46 end zone

11/16 vs South Dakota

$51 sideline

$41 end zone

Remember to rank each of these games one through six on your single-game tickets form. Failing to do so will not guarantee you tickets in the first place.

Minnkota Presents Team Makers With Check

Team Makers Executive Director Pat Simmers, President Chris Haugrud, Minnkota’s Mary Aldrich and City of Fargo’s Jen Pickett

Thanks to their new recycling program during the football season, Team Makers was given a $1,000 check from Minnkota Recycling on February 13. The program, which began this season, was an effort by Team Makers to not only keep the tailgate lot and our Earth clean but an initiative to raise more money for NDSU athletics scholarships. Figuring in the growth this program will see in the future, look for that $1,000 number to grow as time goes on for NDSU Team Makers. They hope to double that mark next season.

Attention Team Makers!
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